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How to Keep Intellectual Property Safe?

Any serious and successful organization with intentions to grow and expand is the perfect target for hackers, cybercriminals, and third parties looking to snatch valuable data they can sell. They need all intellectual property they can get their hands on. Why?

Hackers and cybercriminals all have the same goal – to get your sensitive data and use it for their own purposes and personal goals.

Fortunately, an increasing number of internet users and online businesses are looking for a suitable solution to solve this problem. Keeping your intellectual property safe is crucial to running and growing your business. So, here’s how to step up your intellectual property protection.

What is Intellectual Property?

Every owner of a successful business has something in their possession that they hold dear. This holds special value for hackers as they can profit from it. Intellectual property refers to images, names, symbols, designs, artistic and literary works, inventions and patents, and other creations of the mind used in commerce and e-commerce.

If your business is operating over the internet, the chances are that you have a brand and your brand has a logo. That logo is your intellectual property. We all know that the internet is a very unpredictable environment. Just as it provides opportunities for countless businesses, it also involves quite a few risks.

Third parties and cybercriminals can create clones that mimic businesses online. They will appear on various e-commerce and online selling networks, impersonating enterprises and brands they snatched intellectual property from, such as services, products, brand identities, and so on.

These brand clones either resell products they stole or simply scam consumers. However you take it, this can be extremely bad for your reputation and business image on the internet.

To avoid taking a risk that can destroy all that you worked so hard to achieve, we recommend you take some measures to protect your intellectual property, consumer base, brand identity and reputation, and business in general. There are ways to better safeguard your intellectual property against infringement and IP theft.

Challenges of Intellectual Property Protection

In this digital age of internet and technology, it’s quite challenging to keep your IP safe and protected. There are so many new and innovative cyber threats to watch out for. Hackers never sleep, and they are continually developing new tools and ways to get their hands on valuable intellectual property.

With that in mind, here are some of the most common challenges of keeping your IP protected:

  • Counterfeiting – if hackers use your IP without your permission, that’s known as counterfeiting.
  • Design theft – any unauthorized use of a protected and patented design is considered a design theft.
  • Trademark infringement – any unauthorized use of a trademark without the owner’s consent is a trademark infringement.
  • Copyright infringement – refers to any unauthorized use of copyrighted and protected IP.
  • Patent theft – any unauthorized manufacturing or selling of patented items is considered a patent theft.

Ways You Can Keep Your Intellectual Property Safe

There are a couple of ways to keep your intellectual property safe.

Protect Your IP

One of the most common and easiest ways to upgrade your IP protection is to rely on web scraping techniques. Protecting your intellectual property requires you to gather and analyze vast amounts of data to monitor the web for any potential threats. Web scraping and crawling techniques can help automate the process of collecting data. If you’re interested in protecting your intellectual property, you can check the Oxylabs website for more information.

Add Watermarks

Include watermarks on all your products, logos, websites, pages, services, and every marketing and advertising channel you use to prevent any attempt to steal your IP. You can also register your brand if you don’t have a website of your own. There are useful platforms like Etsy and Facebook, where you can promote your business.

Trademark Your Assets

Companies online use keywords, buzzwords, phrases, and logos, designs, symbols, characters for their marketing identity and strategy. Trademark all your assets and then register your trademark online with the official office, such as the US Patent and Trademark Office, to protect your IP by law.

Use Web Crawling for Duplicate Content

While there are many ways to protect your IP, one of the best and most effective ways is to use proxies to crawl the web and scrape useful information on any potential threat or unauthorized use of your brand name, image, products, and services.

While web scraping and crawling aren’t your standard cybersecurity measures, they are handy tools for monitoring and tracking the web for many possible crimes and threats. More importantly, proxies for web scraping are an excellent way to detect any potential threats before they escalate into something more serious.

Let Everyone Know What Your Assets Are

You can also keep your IP additionally safe by letting everyone involved with you know what your assets are.

All fax machines, scanners, copiers, printers, and all other input/output devices that store any business-related data, as well as personal devices, third-party systems, file-sharing services, and cloud applications, are your assets.

You can make them all additionally protected by creating licensing, non-disclosure, or confidentiality contracts for your clients, partners, employees, and staff.


Digital piracy and cybercrime are evolving just as rapidly as internet technologies. Unfortunately, there’s no stopping this; it’s just the way things are. However, a little bit of tech-savvy and knowledge on how to keep yourself and your business safe online will do you more good than you know.

If your business depends on manufacturing and selling content online, the internet will expose you to quite a few risks. Fortunately, there are ways to keep those risks within reasonable limits.