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How To Keep Your Heating Bills Low This Winter

Winter is perhaps the strangest season of the year, while festive activities, family get-togethers, and general merriment are common in the winter months, the lack of sunshine and cold nature of Winter offsets all the other joy related to the wintertime. One of the biggest concerns for people in Winter though is the increased cost of heating their home and according to this study 18% of people in the UK can’t pay their Winter heating bills, this is a shocking number, but there are ways to reduce a heating bill.

So to help out those worried about the prospect of their Winter heating bills, this article will provide you with some actionable advice to cut your bills this Winter.

Better Home Insulation

Starting off, this is probably what most people think of when they want to cut down their heating bills. Better insulating your home will reduce the amount of heat lost in a home and because of this, heating can be used on a lower heat and for less time, whilst still having the same warming effects.

When thinking of insulation, our minds go straight to expensive procedures to insulate walls and attics, but those are both costly projects, a more cost-effective form of insulation is to get made to measure blinds with thermal properties, which will insulate windows. A lot of heat in a home is lost through windows, so just insulating them with window blinds can massively slash heating bills.

Wear More Layers

While this is advice usually given to us by our Mothers to stay warm, this is actually a rather effective way to keep warm and lower your heating bills. If you opt to put on a jumper or fetch a blanket when you feel cold rather than going straight to your thermostat you can save plenty of money on your heating bills.

Furthermore, with an extra layer of warm clothing on, if you still need to use heating in your home, you’ll be able to have the heating on a lower temperature setting in order to get to an amicable temperature, which again can help shave money off of your bills.

Utilise Heat Produced In Your Home

This may seem a bit strange, but in your home, there are a few things that will produce plenty of heat when being used, which you can use in tandem with your heating. Things like using your oven or having a warm shower will produce quite a lot of heat in your home, so why not use that to stay warm?

When you’re cooking with your oven, lower your heating and turn off your extractor fan and you’ll find that the heat from the oven warms up a room quite well, or when taking a warm shower, turn off your extractor fan and leave the door open, this will allow warm air from your shower to circulate around your home and warm things up a bit.

Consider Switching Suppliers

If you think you’re not excessively using your heating, but your bills are still high, then perhaps it’s time to find a new heating provider. Heating tariffs are often confusing and can fluctuate a lot throughout the year and because of this, you may not be getting the best deal possible.

In the study we mentioned earlier, it also worked out that the average person can save an average of £240 when swapping their heating and electricity bills to a new provider. So, if you want to reduce your bills it can be as simple as just swapping to a new provider.