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How to List Products on Amazon Effectively?

Amazon is one of the world’s largest marketplaces and readily the best platform to use if you are willing to sell products online.

There is a learning curve to determine how to sell successfully on Amazon, having said that selling on Amazon can be simple and easy once you get a hold of it. You will get the ball rolling by listing products for sale on Amazon after you set up your seller account.

Your listing should have an excellent product description and images to attract buyers to your product page. Speaking of an Amazon product listing, it is associated with six elements.

Whether it is a private label or retail arbitrage, it is important to understand these aspects as a seller.

Before starting to sell products on Amazon, one should identify the products and the sections in which the products are going to fall. The first step is to find out what you want to sell.

After finalizing, now decide do you want to sell this product as “sell similar” or if you want to sell your product as an individual listing with your own UPC and your own product title, description, formatting, and images.

Listing products that are already on Amazon

If you want to list the products that are already available on Amazon, then you can find an option called “List a new product” on your seller dashboard. Then, search the product catalog to see if the item is already listed by Amazon.

You can also use the stock images and descriptions available on Amazon. All you need to do is to add the inventory and describe the condition of the products, and your prices.

Amazon will display your listing at the top when other sellers’ providing the same product gets out of stock. Note that you can add multiple products one by one.

However, if you want to add products in bulk then you need to use the Amazon template and use the same UPC / EAN / ASIN codes of products that you want to add.

Also, remember to try to distinguish yourself from other sellers who have listed the same product. And in order to stand out from other sellers, you can give free and faster shipping, or lower the price of shipping.

Products not listed on Amazon yet

Listing new products need an Amazon pro account and include additional steps.

To list a new product on Amazon, you need to provide the following 6 important aspects:

The UPC/ EAN (European Article Number): A unique 12- or 13-digit bar code used to identify retail products, a single EAN/UPC number will be accessible and only one product detail listing will be produced to match that unique number.

The EAN is typically printed as a bar code on a product label or packaging. Amazon requires EAN code to improve search results relevancy and the quality of the catalog as a whole.

You can obtain this code from the manufacturer but if your product does not have the manufacturer’s EAN and you need to buy the code, then you can go directly to GS1 UK at

SKU (Stock Keeping Unit): It is a term used in warehouses to identify a unique product. All Amazon products need an SKU that can be selected by you or Amazon. These SKUs are intended to help sellers track their goods.

Product Title: Characters between 50 and 80 in the product title are among the top 1000 products. Although the product listing has a limit of 200 characters it is best to write a product title that should contain at least 80 characters.

Your product title should contain the following 4 elements :

  • Brand name
  • Color, Flavor, or variants.
  • Unit size (product size if it is clothing or footwear), or a number of units in a bulk package of your product.
  • Keywords that tell what your product actually is.

Rules that a good title should follow:

  • All numbers in the title should be numerals i.e. (7 not “seven”)
  • Capitalize every word’s first letter
  • Specify measures (Ounce, Inch, and Pound)
  • Ampersands (&) should not be used in titles unless they belong to the brand name of the products. Otherwise, it (and) should be written in lower case.

Product Description: It’s good to use bullet points in the product description instead of using long paragraphs. Make bullet points as quick descriptive text to catch buyers’ interest.

They should provide the customer a snapshot of what the product is, what it does, and what its cost includes. Also, Bullet points are indexed for search, which means that the keywords in this section affect the search results ranking of a product.

So, include only the most appropriate customer-facing keywords and end the content naturally.

You can provide a more detailed overview of your product here. Your product description may contain a maximum of 300 words. Your product description must demonstrate to customers what they get out of using your product and how the product is useful for them.

Product Images: High-quality pictures are crucial for successful sales on Amazon. Amazon needs pictures to be at least 500*500 pixels on a pure white background with no watermarks and text on it.

And at least 80 percent of the picture area should be taken by the product. Use bright pictures of 1000*1000 pixels in size for best outcomes.

Search Terms: To enable customers to find your products on Amazon, it is important to provide search terms that they may use when searching for what they want to purchase.

Amazon limits the search term attribute length to less than 250 bytes and these limits are applicable to both new and existing sellers.

Below are the tips to optimize your search terms:

  • Include synonyms
  • Stay below the limit of length.
  • You don’t need to have punctuation like: “; “,”:”, “-.”
  • You can use everything in lower case.
  • Do not include in Search Terms your brand or other brand names.
  • Include additional names and abbreviations.
  • Do not repeat phrases in the field Search Terms.
  • No temporary “new” or “on sale now” declarations.

Make sure to follow the above guidelines for each element related to your product listing. As your product listing page functions as your storefront on Amazon, which helps you convert visitors to your clients.

Also, this will help you lead from your rivals, add value, and increase your client base.


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