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How to make a stylish beaded belt with your own hands

Beads are a versatile material that can be used to make not only children’s toys but also jewelry. Beads will help enrich any look and make your style unique. Using these beads or small sparkling pieces of glass, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces are made. But if you are already an experienced needlewoman, then your box is full of such jewelry and you want something new. DIY beaded belts is an interesting accessory for any outfit.

There are many different techniques and methods for weaving a beaded belt. It will be interesting for both experienced craftswomen and beginners. In this article, you will find a complete guide to create your own personalized piece of jewelry.

Preparation of the work table and workpieces

The workplace should be convenient and comfortable, for this, we suggest following our advice:

  • the working surface must be flat;
  • lay a white napkin on the table and wrap the edges so that the beads do not fall off and can be clearly seen;
  • the desktop should be well lit;
  • Pour the desired colors of beads into containers with small edges or gently sprinkle on the table;
  • put the scheme on the right side;
  • there should be a wastebasket on the table or next to the table;
  • work in the daytime;
  • take breaks to rest your eyes.

Make a sketch and start working on it

You can draw the sketch as you like. It is better to do this on a piece of paper in a cage net, so you will understand that one box = one bead.

Then follow the instructions given below to make a beautiful beaded belt.

  • tie the cut threads into a knot at one end;
  • pull them over the machine, leaving a margin;
  • tie the thread on which you will weave (it is called the weft) with the left main;
  • pass the weft thread under the base;
  • string the beads on a thread and push through the threads of the bases with your finger;
  • pass the needle through the beads in the opposite direction over the base threads;
  • subsequent rows are woven in the same way;
  • after the thread runs out, build up a couple of beads so that they do not stick out on the sides;
  • to the ends the rows need to be narrowed;
  • when everything is ready, remove the belt from the machine;
  • process ends with a lighter and varnish.

Finishing work and belt hole

Use a leather cord to process the ends; you can make strings from it. But if you want the belt to be tight, then attach it to a leather base of the same size, add a buckle and create holes at the desired distance. In the beaded belt, the hole should be made 4-5 cm back from the edge. Take this into account while weaving and skip 2 beads in these places. And your beautiful beaded belt is ready to use.

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