How to Make an Attractive and Quirky Custom Keychain

For a truly personalized gift, try creating a fun or inspirational message on the keychain. Drawings from children can be personalized and treasured. If you’re creative, you can use photos of the children and print interesting backs.

Or, you can make your keychain using a cheap homemade gift.

To create a keychain with photos, you have to place them back to back.

Metal etched keychains

If you’re looking for an affordable way to create unique and attractive custom keychains, look no further than metal etched keychains. Metal etched keychains can be customized with virtually any image or design you can imagine.

These witty keychains are a great way to advertise your business. Not only do they serve as an excellent marketing tool, but they also make for a fun giveaway for friends and family members.

Aside from being durable and lustrous, personalized metal keychains can be used to promote any business.

Whether you’re looking for an eye-catching promotional gift for clients, customers, or employees, metal etched keychains will make a fantastic corporate gift that will not easily fade away.

Not only will your logo be on a keychain, but it will increase your brand’s exposure and recall over time. With the ability to imprint a logo or a call to action, these metal etched keychains are ideal for promoting all types of businesses.

Button photo keychains

Custom photo buttons are fun party favors or gifts for a variety of occasions. They are also a great way to announce an important event, like a wedding or retirement. They can also be given as a gift at a company event or as a way to honor a loved one.

Whether you’re looking for creative ways to promote your business, learn how to make attractive and quirky button photo keychains.

While traditional companies may prefer a standard logo and colors, there’s no need to go for a boring design. Choosing a button that’s customized for your business will give it a fun and interesting edge over the crowd.

People will see your message, and they’ll probably ask about it if you’ve given them a unique, branded button. A custom button is a perfect opportunity to make a statement about your business or personal goals.

Another great way to customize a photo keychain is by using personal items or a photo of your loved one. You can include a handwritten note from an older child, a photo of your toddler, or even a family portrait. The possibilities are endless.

If you’re on a tight budget, there are plenty of affordable options available. You can even make multiple copies if you’d like.

Printed keychains

If you’re looking for a unique and personalized gift for a friend, co-worker, or family member, you can create an attractive and quirky custom keychain with a little craft foam and your imagination.

A simple craft foam keychain can contain any letter of your choice.

To make it more interesting, you can use craft foam blocks that measure around one inch tall. Block letters will appear as colored foam when you cut them, so try to come up with unique designs and fonts to make your letters stand out.

Alternatively, you can make attractive and quirky custom keychains with the help of homemade clay and polymer clay. You will need molding or baking clay, a large needle, a toothpick, and a split ring.

You can also use decorative threads to embellish the keychain and decorate it with stickers or even puff embroidery. You can even create a keychain with your favorite movie character.

As an entrepreneur, it’s important to keep in mind that you have to make your business name known. You can make your name and reputation by connecting with your audience on social media.

Using platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram is an excellent way to build a name and increase your sales. You can even outsource your manufacturing needs to another company if you don’t have the time.

In addition to personalizing your keys, you can also create unique keychains to gift to friends and family members. Photo keychains are a fun way to make unique gifts that will show your personality and style.

A unique and attractive keychain can be the perfect stocking stuffer or a just-because present for friends and family. Regardless of the occasion, a personalized keyring will be a cherished reminder of loved ones.

Personalized keychains

For your kids’ customized keychains, you can have them trace their headshot or an ordinary photo.

Four-inch-by-six-inch school photos work perfectly. Older kids can trace features and clothing with a Sharpie, while younger ones can color in the outline. They can even leave it uncolored or leave the coloring to the parents.

After you trace the image on the paper, punch a hole and cut out the shape.

To create a keychain with a letter of your choice, you can use craft foam. Cut the letter to be approximately an inch tall. Block letters will show through the foam color, so make sure your design is unique.

Use creative fonts and designs to make your letter look legible. You can use different colors for different letters to make the letter look unique. When you’re making the keychains, you need to be aware of the length of the letters and their placement on the piece.

When you’re designing your keychain, consider the recipient’s personality and interests. The most popular items are those that show off what you love and are passionate about. This makes them more likely to purchase them.

However, if you want to keep your business legal, you should never use licensed characters for your keychains. Then again, this type of custom keychain business could end in a cease and desist order from Disney.


Custom keychains are a great promotional giveaway since they cost as low as $0.24 each.

You can also give them away as a gift with selected online orders. A keychain that matches the company’s brand identity will surely be useful and memorable to those who receive it.

Customized keychains are also great marketing tools, especially when you can give them away at trade shows and marketing events. Personalized keychains also make great gifts for employees, and they are perfect for gifts for friends and family.

Besides being useful, they can also serve as reminders to new customers and clients.