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How to Make Body Fat Scales More Reliable for Body Fat Percentage

A body fat scale whose results are inconsistent is as good as nothing to you. This inconsistency can, however, be controlled so long as it is not your body fat scale that is faulty. I know by now you must be wondering what I mean by control; that’s simple. ‘Controlling’ any inconsistency of your body fat scale simply means that you try making every test by your body fat scale similar as much as you can. For example, if you drank two glasses of water an hour before you took your test then before taking another test to ensure that you always do the same.

From the preceding, it follows that there are a number of things to keep constant before the body fat analyzer test so that you are assured of consistent and reliable results.

The first thing to do is to ensure that the body fat scale you purchase fits or goes hand in hand with your profile.

Secondly, always ensure that you take your body fat measurements at the same time of the day. For instance, if you took your first measurement at noon, it would then follow that the subsequent measurements you will take should be at noon.

The third thing is to keep yourself hydrated preferably an hour before you take the measurement. Again, the amount of water you take at this time should always be the same even if this means that you literally have to measure it out all the time!

The fourth thing is to ensure that when making your purchase of a body fat scale you do a lot of research with your major focus being on the reviews of the various body fat scales in the market. This will help ensure that you get a highly rated body fat scale which without a doubt guarantees some consistency and accuracy in the results of your measurements.

The fifth thing is to try taking your measurements at the same room temperature. This is undeniably a difficult thing but since body temperature is among the variables that may alter the results of the body fat scale trying to keep the temperature constant is worthwhile.

Sixth, make sure that the foot pads of your body fat scale are cleaned after taking a test advisably using alcohol.

The seventh thing to do is to get tested by a professional using more accurate equipment so that you have results that you can refer to after taking your measurements with your body fat scale.

The eighth thing would be to avoid taking your measurements right after working out. This is because when you exercise you sweat, therefore, you lose water in the process, and this will, in turn, affect the readings on your hydration levels and consequently the results of your body fat percentage.

Last but not least is to change your perspective about the functionality of your body fat scale. What do I mean by this? Instead of beating yourself trying to get “true” results from your body fat scale, how about you use it to keep track of your progress! In this way whether or not your body fat percentage is true or accurate would not really matter as long as the results on how much progress you are making are consistent.