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Do you have a computer and your phone and you are looking for some sources through which you can make money online? You can make as much as 100 dollars a day or even more if you are doing well. And you know what? You can even continue with your job too. There are some top websites by which you can make some money online. But first, let us discuss two sources of income:

  • One is your active income that is giving your full time to that job. If you do not work, you will not get the money. It is termed as Active income
  • Other is the passive income in which you can roll your money in a way that you do the work for once and you start promoting it. Hence, the money rolls without doing further work.Putting in this effort will help you earn more and the more money you will have, the more money you can roll for further work. This simply means that it is a far better way to earn than that of the active income.

To move further, it’s a good idea to view certain websites and other ways so that you have a better understanding of what’s going on.


It is one of the best and the most used websites for freelance writers, visual artists, and others. It is a source of active income. So, to start on how to find work there that is the most important question?

At Upwork, some companies post to hire some freelancers to do their work like article writing, video editing, app development or coding or any other work. You can use your skills to enroll in the company and they will provide you the work. Thus, you can make some money. It’s necessary to know if people are not hiring you, that is if you have not an attractive profile there. First, you need to make sure that your profile is powerful enough to make people rely on you and provide you the work. This will drastically increase your likelihood of receiving job offers from your clients. So how can you make your profile attractive? As an example, you can add your past experiences. This will help you to stand out.


Did you know that being a channel owner you can make money too? But for this, you need to reach a specific threshold to get monetized set by YouTube. It was initially set at 10,000 views that will allow you to get monetized but it has now changed to over 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time in your last 12 months. You can earn as much as you can through YouTube. For this, you just need to produce quality content so that people watch you. The more views you will get and the longer your video is, the more money you can earn. YouTube is of great importance nowadays because it is a source of passive income. You can make a few videos and you will earn more and more depending upon how many people are watching you. That is why on YouTube, each video you are making is a powerful asset for you, and it can contribute to your success. Moreover, you can also earn by paid sponsorships once you gather a large number of audiences there.


Initially, Amazon used to sell books but now you can get anything you want from Amazon. You can make money through amazon in three ways.

  • Amazon Mechanical Turk that is almost like working on Upwork where you can work as an audio editor, translator of audio and video from different languages, review writer and much more. You can earn as much as you want by working in your free time depending on the task you are being provided.
  • The second way is Amazon Kindle publishing where you can make eBooks and make money by selling it. It is a market to look into!
  • You can also earn by joining Amazon associates’ program where you can sell anything you want through Amazon and you will get the commission.


It is a marketplace for product creators just by selling their courses all over the globe. But it only sells digital products. Note that, here you will get much more commission than that of amazon.

FLIPPA.COM: is one of the best places to sell your business or apps or websites all over the globe and offers great tools that will give you access to increase visibility.


You can sell your digital work here and can earn as much as you want. Every time, someone buys your work, you will get the commission.


If you are someone who loves dogs, the rover is the best website for you. It is a dog sitting website currently available in Canada and the US. You will get paid as a dog sitter.


It is a website where you can earn money by teaching someone a skill. You can teach anything there like how to cook, how to play an instrument or anything. You can teach lessons and start making money.


It is one of the simplest sites where you can earn money as a freelancer by doing anything. It can be article writing, logo designing or anything you are expert at. It’s a legit way of making money.


Lastly, you can earn money by selling someone else’s product with profit. It can be of any brand you want. Here you act as a middle man. You can do so by signing up into Shopify and connect it to oberlo. You can set your price and pay the actual price to the manufacturer when someone buys that stuff from you. It’s a bit complicated to start at first but you can earn tons of money through it.

Online marketing and earning always offer something new so if you are more interested in learning more about other sites and want to know more about a specific domain, you can click on and can easily find more about a specific website.