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How to Make Promotional Plush Toys

Do you want to make high-quality plush toys but have no idea. You can start from here. In this guide, I will describe the best automated and labor methods to make plush toys.

However, if you are not interested in manufacturing plush toys at home, you can contact a reliable company. Many plush toy manufacturing companies are working to facilitate you. Hero Industries is one of them and has talented workers. With more than 25 years of experience, the expert of this company is manufacturing custom plush toys.

If you do not find your favorite plush toy in companies collection, you can tell the manufacturer, they will design it according to your preferences. The expert will convert your ideas into a beautiful plush toy.

Let’s jump into the manufacturing procedure of plush toys:

Step1: Making A Sample

If you want to make an exciting plush toy, go to the company with a blueprint, pictures, or a sketch. The company experts will work with your sample and manufacture an amazing toy. When you give them a sample, the manufacturer will approve it, and then start working on your project.

Step2: Cutting

The second major step in the manufacturing process is cutting. There are several ways to cut the fabric. Machines and laser cutting of the fabric are more common. If you want to cut the fabric into more refined sizes, you can use laser cutting. With laser cutting, you can cut the fabric into extremely small pieces.

Step3: Sewing

Now it’s time to transfer the fabric into the sewing department. In the sewing department, manufacturers work with the machines and turn a simple piece of fabric into an exciting design.

It is manual work that is done with full consistency and accuracy.

Step4: Embroidery

If the customer requires additional embroidery, the experts will add it to the fabric before sewen. It is a quick job and done within seconds.

Step5: Joining

At that time, cutting, sewing, and embroidery have been finished. Let’s move towards the joining. The smaller pieces of plush toys are combined to make a perfect design. The additional fabric is added according to the desire of the customer.

Step6: Stuffing

One of the most crucial steps in the manufacturing process is Stuffing. The stuffing gives excess volume and body to the plush toys. This step is quite risky as each animal is stuffed with accuracy.

If the stuffing is not accurate, the toys may become bulky and look bad.

Step7: Labeling

You might have seen labels and bar codes on the plush toys. The manufacturers add the labels on the toys with help of computers. Factories can design your desired label on request. However, you can design it, if you are an expert in logo designing.

Labels are crucial as they include washing instruction and have the material configuration of plush toys. If you want to hold your plush toy in hand, then you can request for plastic handle addition.