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How to Make Yourself a Lovely Advent Calendar

Whenever Christmas is just around the corner, an advent calendar comes to mind. Advent calendars are exciting ways to spark up the Christmas spirit. This calendar is used to count the days in anticipation and preparation for Christmas. Advent calendars usually start on the first day of December, and the German Lutherans in the nineteenth century first used them.

While there are many ingenious advent calendars in the market, there is nothing quite as thrilling as making one yourself. This calendar can be made from simple household items. But if you want to make a more intricate one, there are also special materials for it.

Here’s a guide on how to make an advent calendar:

  1. With Tissue Paper Rolls

You will need about 25-31 empty tissue paper rolls, a large cardboard piece, glue (multipurpose), scissors, crayons or colored pens, and brown paper.

Draw the numbers you have decided on the brown paper. This will represent each day of the month.

Note: Leave some inches apart between the numbers for easy cut-out.

Cut the numbers out to the right fit and glue to the empty tissue paper rolls. Put small, thoughtful gifts in the empty rolls and keep them light-weight, so they do not bring the rolls down. If it is possible to incorporate a wine advent calendar, then it wouldn’t be a bad idea!

Use the cardboard as a base and fit the rolls comfortably before gluing them together. Feel free to add decors and designs that represent the Christmas spirit.

  1. Thoughtful Notes and Messages

An advent calendar can be made by having friends and family members write down notes in celebration of the Christmas season. Place the notes using safety pins on a decorative ribbon and hang on the wall.

  1. Socks Craft

Socks can be used to make a fun advent calendar. Instead of throwing out socks that you can no longer use or has lost its pair, you can get creative with them by making an advent calendar.

Use 24-31 socks, clothespins, ribbons (long enough to contain the socks) and number stickers (you can make your own).

Hang up the ribbon into any desired shape and attach the number sticker to a sock before hanging them on the ribbon with a clothespin.

This is great for your friends and family members to pick from every morning.

  1. Take-out Box Advent Calendar

Take-out boxes are great advent calendar ways to anticipate Christmas. Fill each box with a treat and number them using a marker. Wine advent calendars can come in handy here. Stack them up to form a tree-like structure and you have a modern calendar to use this Christmas.

  1. Daily Photo Activity Advent Calendar

Draw and paint a Christmas tree on plywood. Hang metal or paper clips to the tree and attach a paper with instructions that tell what activity awaits you on that day. Take pictures while doing the exercises and attach a photo of the enjoyable activity you’ve accomplished by the end of the day.

This activity calendar also serves as a photo album for Christmas and is an excellent way to keep the memories.

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