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How To Organize A Great Party

Have you been tasked with organizing a party (birthday party, end-of-year party, etc.) but unsure how and where to start? Or are you looking to hone your event planning skills and techniques? Here is a simple guide to help you get started.

Pick A Date and Time

Always have your guests in mind when choosing a date for the event/party. If time allows it, you want to choose a date 8 -12 weeks from now. This will give you enough time to plan for everything perfectly and enable guests to adjust their calendars and appointments accordingly. The most seasoned event planners use this technique to increase the chances of everyone invited to show up. You thus don’t want to set the date too soon to avoid it conflicting with their other plans.

Pick a Venue

Party Houses provide an excellent option, especially if looking for an exciting venue to hold the party.  Do not, however, pick a venue too far from everyone, but rather somewhere in the middle.  Renting a venue just outside the city, for example, means guests will not have to deal with the hustle and bustle of city traffic. You might also want to pick a venue where you can commune with nature and take on activities such as rock climbing, hiking, or grill while breathing the fresh air. The best thing with out-of-city venues is the fact that you will not be disturbing anyone (noise) as you party.  Party Houses also provide the convenience and serenity of comfortable beds, especially if one wishes to step away from the party for some time or spend the night.

Create A Guest List and Send Out Invitations

You want to be considerate when creating a guest list for your party. The purpose of the party will help you identify those that should and shouldn’t be on the guest list.  For birthday parties, family members and a few friends will be ok. You however want to be careful not to invite anyone that might conflict or get on another person’s nerves, especially after getting drunk.

With the guest list ready, you can then start drafting and designing the invitation cards. Software such as Fotor or Canva may come in handy when creating an invitation card. You also want to be creative with these invitations too.  Thanks to emails and social media, you do not have to print any of these, as they can be sent electronically. Be sure to include the date, location, and theme of the party in the invitation text.  Choose the best platform to send the invitations by- it can either be WhatsApp, Facebook, or even email. You might also want to create a group where all can communicate and ask questions, such as what to bring, activities they would like, and such.

Food and Drinks

Besides a great venue, food and drinks are essential, especially if you wish to make the party a memorable event. There however are several ways to approach this: you can hire a caterer to help prepare and serve the food or organize a potluck (everybody brings a dish to share). You can also plan to have a barbeque, especially if the party will be during the warmer seasons. Beer, wine, and soft drinks also need to be factored in when planning the party. You can also order a keg and have it delivered just before the party begins as well.  It would also be advisable to match drinks with the theme of the party.

Have A Playlist Ready

Music brings life to any party. That said, you want to create a playlist that everyone attending will like. Depending on who the guests will be, you can start by picking a few of the most popular songs, then songs that will put everyone in the mood to dance. These can be songs that remind everyone of a shared moment or that communicate a message. SoundCloud, Deezer, and Spotify can help you find a playlist everyone will love and enjoy.

Party Games

Party games, just like music, make the event even more fun and memorable. Ensure that your party goes off with a bang with custom confetti cannons in many sizes. Games also provide a perfect way to pass the time and get to know each other. Think about games that can either be played as a team (e.g., react and act), in pairs, or trivia. Truth or dare, card games, and story time are some of the games you can introduce at the party.

Take Pictures, Lots of Them

Photos help capture the fun moments during the party, hence a must-have.  With almost everyone owning a camera phone, you can snap as many pictures as possible, especially when no one is aware. Such shots capture the true events and give an idea of what the party was like. Pictures help preserve memories for a later date or even the following day.  Browsing through the photos will enable you to relive the moments once more, bringing joy to your life. Be sure to tag your location and use revenant hashtags when posting these pictures on social media.