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How to Outsource Photo-Editing for E-commerce Business

You must hear about Outsource Photo-Editing from many people. This is a part of the post-production process in E-commerce. This means giving the final touch to the images almost without exception. With better photos, you will have better opportunities that can be favorable to your service or products.

If you are a prolific commercial photographer or you are trying to grow your E-commerce business you must know how to Outsource Photo-Editing for E-commerce Business.

Determine Professional Photo-Editing Service

Not all photo editing service can provide your desired service. Generally, an external outsourcing service follows your styling guide. They make sure that you get exactly what you want. They also help you get over photo editing mistakes that you might have made at the editing table.

You should not choose a company that works for a specific genre. You should choose a company that has many years of experience in the E-commerce industry. Most importantly you must have to ask them to provide samples of related work before choosing any company.

Professionals will ask you the following things before deciding a final budget:

  • What work you are looking for?
  • How early you need your task?
  • What is your workload?
  • What are your requirements and demands?

Make Sure They Have Experience in Your Industry

It’s not necessary to find a photo editor that is specific to your niche, but they should at least have certain experiences and samples in your industry.

As an example, Clothing, jewelry, cosmetics, the textile may have different experiences than electronic items. So, when you choose the photo-editing service company you must make sure that they have the exact experience you want from them. They should have enough knowledge about the guidelines of marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.

Must-Know Their Order Capacity

You have to keep that in mind that, always choose the photo-editing service company that can offer photo editing in large amounts. A specific outsourcing company can handle orders in large amounts.

Incorporate Editing into Your Pricing

You probably don’t want to spend all on a photo-editing service. So, you just need to tell them about your added cost of photo editing. To overcome the cost of getting a professional editing service company, you must need to make changes to your pricing model and then you also show them the cost that you want to charge.

Which Technology They Are Using

To choose a suitable photo-editing service, it’s not always important to know about their skills but make sure they require the tech that can deliver quantity. So, just ask the company about the technology they are using to get the highest picture quality of your images.

How Much Time They Take to Deliver

Which photo-editing company you chose, make sure they able to deliver your photo in short periods. This is a cost-saving process so you are doing this to save time and effort. So, you just need to ask them about the amount of time they’d take to deliver your photos.

Services by Outsource Photo-Editing Company

When you outsource photo-editing for your E-commerce business, the most important thing you have to keep your mind that, you just need to know about their techniques or service.

The following are the editing techniques that are provided by a reliable photo-editing company:

  • Ghost Mannequin

Ghost Mannequin is removing the model or mannequin from the real picture to show only the real product. The main purpose is to show how the product will look on a person.

  • Clipping Path

Clipping path is a very common and useful technique to cut out the 2D images into the desired background.

  • Image Enhancement

Noise removal, deburring, sharpening, adjustment of brightness is part of image enhancement.

  • Adjustment of Color Correction

Camera’s sometimes lack in picking the correct hues. Color correction involves enhancing and correcting colors.

  • Photo Retouching

In photo retouching, removal of unwanted objects is included. It helps with unwanted object removal, blemish removal, and skin/surface smoothening.

  • Image Manipulation

Sometimes photography requires a bit of manipulation to make the picture look perfect.


Time is very precious in the photography E-commerce business. Editing of pictures of your clients should be outsourced saves your time. So, you must know how to outsource photo-editing for E-commerce business.

You should give your work in the safest hand and make sure to choose the right retouching company which is beneficial in getting desired edited images. Always choose a company that can deliver high-quality products without disturbing your budget.