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How to pass the upcoming NBCOT® exam with NBCOT® exam prep that doesn’t suck

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Irrespective of what your peers say, cracking the NBCOT® exam prep groove is not easy. It is definitely not impossible either, but passing the NBCOT® exam on the first try takes hard work and preparation. Some people feel content preparing with textbooks only, while most require a little added boost. Reading notes and textbooks is not sufficient to prepare even the most brilliant individual for the tricky questions of the time-bound NBCOT® exam.

Who should prepare for the NBCOT®?

If you aspire to be an occupational therapist, you will need the NBCOT® exam certification. So, without giving your study preparation any more thought, you should begin your prep as soon as possible. It will be quite challenging to give full eight hours of cramming per day along with completing fieldwork and attending classes. Therefore, you should think about studying smartly, rather than counting the hours. You will need at least 3-4 hours of preparatory work per day, with help from online sites, online tutors and updated preparation material. The only way to prepare for the NBCOT® exam smartly is by ensuring that you have the right content and guidance all the way. Check out passtheot for more details on the resources you need, including practice tests, quizzes, charts, topic covered and more to help you begin NBCOT® exam prep with your best foot forward.

What should you know about the NBCOT® exam?

NBCOT® exam questions do not want to test your memory skills or mugging abilities. The format of the NBCOT® exam tests an individual’s clinical reasoning skills by challenging their knowledge of –

  1. The OT process
  2. The factors that impact client care

The exam aims to test your clinical reasoning skills. Memorization will not get you far on the test. You can memorize a few charts, but that will not help you much unless you find out the different ways to use your knowledge. Since you have already graduated OT school, it is safe to assume that you have mastered the lion’s share of OT theories already. The only way to find out how much you have learned is by evaluating yourself a couple of times before the actual exam. Check out timed mock tests from reputed sources that offer accurate scores and answer sheets after you have finished taking the exam online.

Do you need one-on-one tutoring?

Seeking online tutoring can also help you prepare more than you are ready to believe. Online tutors will complement the textbooks, the tests and any other resource you receive online. One-on-one tutoring is beneficial to everyone. Even if you have taken practice tests during NBCOT® exam prep and done poorly, a tutor can help you understand what you have done wrong the previous times. He or she can help clear your doubts about particular questions in a practice paper, and you can discuss theories and clinical reasoning with experts during these sessions. It always helps to have human guidance when the NBCOT® exam is knocking on your door.

Why are quizzes the best preparatory tools?

Reading your textbook and memorizing charts will not be sufficient when you face the actual NBCOT® questions. You need to find enough resources online that will cover all the basics and advanced questions. Each person has his or her own way to treat these questions. Some approach the set of practice papers according to themes (splinting, pediatrics, mental health, and UE), while others simply go by serial numbers. You can proceed in whichever way seems comfortable or meaningful to you. You must remember NOT to memorize these question-answers. You should treat them as learning tools. We also recommend online tutoring and additional resources for those struggling to find the correct answers to the questions.

Always look for places that offer the answers to these questions. Most discounted sources or free websites only have the questions, and the student never gets to see the correct answers. That makes the comparison of responses or evaluation of the performance almost impossible for anyone. Additionally, having a set of correct answers will allow you to use the question-answer sets as learning material. Make sure to take notes whenever you get a wrong answer and remember why it was wrong in the first place. Don’t shy away from using scores of Post-it to mark the questions you have found particularly tricky to answer. When it is time for your one-on-one tutoring session, you can always clarify your doubts and learn new facts.

How should you ideally prepare for the NBCOT® final exam?

Quality learning before your NBCOT® exams does not have to be expensive or time-intensive always. Sometimes, using smart tools like standardized simulated tests, video sessions with experts, gamified quizzes, puzzles, recorded videos containing theory material and ready-to-read Q&A material from trustworthy sources is the only boost you need to score high on the NBCOT® exam. Experts will tell you that NBCOT® exam is 25% time management and stress, 25% content, and 50% test skills. Therefore, unless you are using a countdown timer or a real-time simulation during your NBCOT® exam prep, you will never know how it feels to sit for the real exam. The first couple of times might be intimidating, but when the time comes to take the NBCOT®, you will feel prepared and comfortable.

When should you schedule the NBCOT® exam?

Some people dillydally before scheduling their exam. That does not do their preparation any favors. If you have the chance, schedule your exam as soon as you can to give yourself a deadline to complete preparation. In most cases, six to eight weeks is enough time to prepare for the NBCOT® exam, if you have the right resources and guidance. Even with just eight weeks in hand, you can invest as less as 4 hours per day for six weeks a day to cover all the sections. It is only possible when you have organized test material, dedicated tutoring, and group discussion sessions. That way you will have time for fieldwork and other commitments. You can hang with friends or listen to music to refresh yourself in between the practice sessions.

When it comes to NBCOT® exam prep, practice makes one perfect. Since the exam tests a person’s clinical reasoning skills, we recommend extensive practicing on simulated tests and going through the right answers once the test is over.

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