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How To Perform 8 Best Skateboard Tricks For Beginners

This new article can help beginners know how to do some of the basic skateboard tricks as soon as possible.

When you have mastered the basic ways of skateboarding, you may want to learn some skateboard tricks. In this article, we will show you the instructions for some tricks, including basic, intermediate and advanced ones. Now, read on this article and then try applying all of these beginners skateboard tricks and tips as soon as possible:

  1. Learn To Kickturn

Basically, this trick is to help you lean back on the board so that the front wheels lift off the ground and then do a 180o turn. With this trick, you will have a very quick turn that can be done on a ramp or on the ground. It is a basic trick that can help you approach more advanced tricks.

  1. Do The Ollie Trick

The Ollie trick may be the most important trick you should learn when skateboarding. This is because it is the starting point for more advanced tricks. Basically, this trick is a jump while your skateboard still sticks to your feet. To do it, you need to have good balance and timing skills along with proper foot placement. First, bend your knees as you roll, and then you jump up and lift the skateboard tail off the ground like the way you jump. Remember that you have to bend your knees when landing to absorb the shock. Once you get better, you can do higher and longer ollies.

  1. Do The Nollie Trick

A nollie basically involves lifting the front of the skateboard off the ground. Once you are good at doing the ollie, you will easily learn the nollie. To practice a nollie, you need to shift the front foot to the skateboard nose and then place the back foot in the middle of the board. You crouch down, jump up, and lift the front of your board off the ground. Lift the skateboard in mid-air, and finally bend the knees when landing. You may feel slightly awkward when learning how to do a nollie. This is because popping the skateboard with your non-dominant foot may be a little tricky.

  1. Learn To Manual

A manual involves leaning back and lifting the front wheels of the board off the ground whilst still rolling. It takes some time to have a right foot position. First, you place your back foot on the skateboard tail and put your front foot behind the front wheels of the skateboard. Next, you lean your weight backwards till the front wheels of the skateboard off the ground and try to keep it while rolling. When learning how to manual, skaters often lean too far back. This is very dangerous because they easily fall back and knock the head on the ground. Thus, make sure that you wear a helmet while skating.

  1. Do A 180

This is basically a technique where both you and your skateboard spin 180o in the air, and then land switch or rolling backward. This is more difficult, so you should master some skateboard tricks mentioned above before attempting it. You can 180 frontside or backside, depending on the way you spin. Basically, spinning backside is easier than spinning frontside. To do a 180 frontside, you need to place both of your feet in ollie position. When you prepare to jump, turn the shoulders towards the back. Then lift the back of your board off the ground while rotating your shoulders frontside like the way you jump. The rest of the board and your body will follow your shoulders.

  1. Do A Kickflip

The kickflip is another basic trick for beginners to learn. Basically, it is an ollie trick where you lift the heelside edge of your board while jumping, so it can flip around in the air before landing. When you have mastered the kickflip trick, you can try some variations, including the double kickflip, the varial kickflip, the kickflip indie and the kickflip body varial.

  1. Learn To Heelflip

This trick is the opposite of the kickflip. In this trick, you flip the board toeside with your back foot instead of flipping the board heelside with your front foot. To do this trick, you stand in an ollie position. Then, you lift the board off the ground using your back foot. When jumping, you try to slide the front foot diagonally towards the front edge of your board before flicking the skateboard with your heel. Remember that you need to jump backwards slightly in order to keep the skateboard beneath you and also tuck the legs so that your board has enough time to flip. Once you complete one full flip, use your feet to catch the board and then bend your knees when landing. When you have learned this basic trick, you can practice double and triple heelflips that means the board flipping multiple times before you use your feet to catch it.

  1. Do A 360 Flip

A 360 flip is considered as the best trick in skateboarding and it is a combination of a 360 degree shove-it and a kickflip. To practice it, you need to place the feet in the kickflip position. Next, you move the front foot back so that it is in the center of your skateboard. Then, you hang your back foot’s toes over the edge of your board. Lift the board using your back foot to have a high Ollie while scooping the back foot backwards to spin the board and kicking the front foot forward to flip it. Next, you tuck the knees high to help the board spin and flip. Remember to watch for the grip tape, this can help you catch the board. This is a difficult skateboard trick, so you need to keep trying.

All of these skateboard tricks mentioned above are easy to do, but they may take time for beginners to learn and master. There are several other tricks and most of them are similar. Whatever you go for, you remember that practice makes you get better. Now, it is time for you to learn and practice these skateboard tricks! Check out for finding the best skateboard, review or choosing the best longboard brands if you’re simply a beginner.

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