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How To Play Blackjack When You Are A Beginner

Blackjack is an interesting and easy-to-play game that you can find on online casinos like Casino goers know how popular it is among gamblers, both pros, and novice.

In Blackjack, the primary aim is to reach 21 or trying to get closest to 21 at least. But, 21 is the limit, and you cannot go over it. However, your hand should be higher than the dealer’s. If somehow the dealer exceeds 21, he or she will bust and lose. The same is applicable in your case too. So you see, it is not as hard as you think it is.

In this blog, let us talk about some rules you must know before trying your hands on Blackjack. Don’t worry; the rules are easy to catch up. Professionals suggest that it is better to try the game for fun if you are planning to learn it, so let us now delve deep.

Join the table – When all the players are ready to start, each player is dealt with two cards face up. Now the dealer also is given two cards but, one face down and the other face up.

Decision – It is your turn to calculate the value of your hand, and the dealer will do the same. The aim is to reach close to 21 but not going over it. It is your turn to decide whether you want to hit or stand. You can ask for another card from the dealer but, this move will depend on the current value in your hand. You might also stand when you see that the value of your hand is already high (above 17). You can ask the dealer to deal with other players at the table.

Find out who is close to 21 – Suppose the value of your hand is almost 21 but, the dealer’s is less than yours, then you can immediately bust to win the game. However, in case the dealer’s hand value is 21 or closer to 21 while the other players haven’t reached close to 21, the dealer can bust and win. If you strike it lucky, the dealer will issue the amount you have won. The payout amount, however, is solely dependent on the bet that you have placed.

Basic rules of Blackjack 

  • Normal wins 1:1 – If your hand value is closer to 21 than that of the dealer
  • Blackjack wins 3:2 – If your hand value is 21
  • Below 16 or 16 – Dealer can take a hit at any hand that is below 16 or 16
  • Hit or stand – Players can choose to add a card to their hand (hitting) or not (standing) to get close to or reach a hand value of 21, or at least close to it.
  • Split – You can use two separate hands to use the hand of two. It is a way to stay ahead of the dealer. People generally use it when they have two cards of the same value.
  • Double Down – You have the option to double the bet mid-hand. In this case, you will only get a single card, and you won’t have the choice to opt for another option.

Double down on anything might not be a safe option if you don’t have 10 or 11. However, some casinos will allow you to double down irrespective of what value you hold.