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How to Prepare for Class 9 Hindi Paper using Guide?

Studying for the exam can become easier when you have a guide to help you out. Combined with a proper timetable, you can ace your exams. A guide is the best tool during exams. Sometimes, students tend to neglect language subjects, but they should focus on Hindi as much as on other subjects because the marks scored in the Hindi exam will add to the overall percentage and a guide can help you out.

Hindi Syllabus in class 9th

The Hindi syllabus is divided into two parts – Part A and Part B. Part A is focused on literature, prose, and poems while Part B is focused on language skills. The class 9th Hindi syllabus has been divided into 4 books:

  • Kritika – 5 chapters
  • Sanchayan – 6 chapters
  • Kshitij – 17 chapters
  • Sparsh – 15 chapters

The total number of chapters is 43. The guide covers all questions and answers from all four books. You can download the 9th class Hindi Guide pdf online, easily. It ensures that the student understands the concept and the basics of the language in a simple manner.

Preparing for class 9th Hindi Exam

  • Have separate notebooks for all four textbooks, so when you are preparing for the exam and revising, it will be much easier for you.
  • Read the chapter and try to understand the concept and the storyline. If you find it difficult to understand, you can refer to the Hindi guide for the summary of the chapter.
  • Once you have understood the chapter, you can try to answer the questions in the exercises on your own. Refer to the guide to verify your answers and make any changes, if necessary. While reading the chapter you might feel that it is very easy, but that won’t be sufficient. Practice writing as much as possible as this will help to improve your writing skills and understand the language in a more appropriate way. This is the simplest solution to score good marks in Hindi.
  • Try to answer the questions by framing your own sentence. Read what you have written once. This will help you to know if the sentence formation is right or wrong.
  • Now, understand the syllabus in each section and analyze how much time to dedicate for each section. Focus on the areas where you need to give more time. Once you start reading the chapters and writing the answers you will know where you need to put more practice and effort. Practice more on those areas.
  • Once you are finished with all the chapters and you feel you are ready, you can start solving the sample papers. This will help you a lot to understand the exam pattern. The more papers you solve, the more confident you will be.
  • Be regular in completing the portions that you have targeted to finish for each day. Make it a daily practice to read and write. This will help you in scoring well.
  • Having proper notes can be quite advantageous for your exam preparation, especially for Hindi. While writing your notes, you will know and understand better where you need to focus or need more time. You can mark the portions of the answers which you need to revise again. These notes will be of great help when you revise the chapters.
  • It is very important to read the chapters from the textbook, and then refer to the guide. Referring to the guide can be very helpful but it does not mean that you skip reading your textbook.
  • When you make a timetable, make sure that you follow it regularly and divide your syllabus into small sections. Allot a specific time for each section. This way you will not be stressed and studying becomes more interesting. Setting proper goals and time duration will make your study sessions very useful and the Hindi subject, which would have felt difficult initially, will become very easy for you to study.
  • Analyze the exam pattern. Practice both short and long answers. You can also practice the important questions from all the chapters for your exam preparation. Try to make your answers better each day with proper sentences and avoid grammatical mistakes. If you present your answers better, your chances of scoring better marks will increase. The practice of solving the sample papers will help you in improving your writing speed as well. This is very important, as you need to complete your paper on time.
  • Try to complete the syllabus early, so that you can give adequate time to revision. This can be properly managed if you follow your timetable regularly.

What are the benefits of using a guide for exam preparation?

  • The Hindi guide consists of all the questions and answers from all four books chapter-wise, as well as solutions to the exercises, including the grammatical part, which can help students prepare efficiently.
  • The concepts are designed in such a way that it is very easy to understand. The words used are also very simple.
  • The solutions in the guide are prepared by an expert teacher who has a thorough knowledge of the subject.
  •  The solutions are given with the highest accuracy.
  • The Hindi guide contains the previous year’s question papers and also the sample question papers which the students can solve.
  • The grammar is very well explained with proper examples and assessments. Students can practice on these assessments to improve their grammar skills.


  • Make a proper timetable covering the complete syllabus.
  • Divide the syllabus into small sections, so studying becomes interesting and not boring. Keep enough time aside, for your revision.
  • Make sure to have at least 2 or 3 revision sessions before the exams.
  • Follow the timetable and the time allotted for the studies strictly.
  • Taking breaks in between study sessions will help you concentrate properly.
  • Study with full focus. Studying for long hours without focus is of no use.
  • Have proper sleep and rest.
  • Have healthy food and avoid junk foods.

Following all these tips will surely help you score well in your class 9 Hindi exam.