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How to Prepare for your Upcoming MCAT Exam

Do you have a dream of becoming a medical specialist someday? Well, that would be awesome to see yourself wearing a medical gown in the future, but it won’t be that easy; you need 13 long years to get your dream specialty. Before that, let’s start with the Medical School entrance examination that is considered very hard, and taking that unprepared would surely lose your chance to become a doctor someday.

Here are some of the vital tips to help you pass the MCAT exam.

Take online MCAT practice Tests

It is always advisable to know what you are about to face in the MCAT exam. Taking free online tests would let you know and see the possible exam criteria and its difficulty. One of the advantages of this is that you can also test your current knowledge about each criterion of the MCAT exam. Take note that you should not beat up yourself if you don’t do well during the practice tests, don’t get frustrated.

The primary purpose of taking these online MCAT practice exams is for you to come up with an effective study and review strategy, and a great plan to reach that passing MCAT exam grade.

MCAT is not about memorization

If you think that your excellent memorization skill would help you pass the MCAT exam, then it’s now the time to cut it out. MCAT doesn’t care about your ability to memorize formulas and other terminologies. What they are interested in is your comprehension skill and how you understand all physical, biological, and chemical process which they are describing.

How would you know if you are good at this part already? Naturally, if you are confident enough to teach these formulas and scientific terminologies to a fifth grade. That’s the time you can say are all prepared to take the MCAT test.

Focus to your weaknesses

It doesn’t matter if you prefer to study on your own or take the MCAT preparatory course; what’s important is that you know the flow of how you will going to conduct the review. To have an ideal study plan, you can use the result of your MCAT online tests, strengths, and identified weaknesses. As the saying goes, “don’t get bothered by your weaknesses, and focus on your strengths.” However, preparation for the MCAT exam should start by honing your weaknesses. Give more time and take more serious about the things that you think you are less confident.

How would you do that? There are tons of MCAT textbooks available online or in any bookstore that will serve as your review materials. But you have to keep in mind that not all type of MCAT review textbooks is ideal. It would be a lot better to consider your study plan first before purchasing review materials.

Keep yourself Physically, Emotionally and Mentally Healthy

Of course, your health shouldn’t be compromised, that will be your investment to make all your review plans to run smoothly. Make sure you still have time to relax and have fun during the entire review process. This is the reason why you should invest more time in your MCAT preparation, so there will be less stress and pressure. Also, if you have other responsibilities to accomplish, it is advisable to fix your schedules first before you start preparing for the MCAT examination.

Take note that all things are possible with proper discipline and a proactive mindset. If you want to succeed in the first challenge of becoming a medical specialist someday, then you have to do your best.