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How to Prevent Men’s Hair Loss

Male hair loss is very very common. Unfortunately, by the age of 50, 80% of men experience hair loss. This is generally caused by increased levels of the hormone DHT, which increases as you age. Unfortunately, it shrinks the size of the hair follicle and slowly causes the hair to become thinner until it stops growing altogether.

Though this is a natural process that affects most men at some point in their lives, it can be quite scary to realize that you are losing hair. There are certain things that you can change in your life, like diet, the amount you exercise, and how you manage your stress levels, that can all help to reduce hair loss. But, if you find that these are not working, there are certain hair vitamins for men that are incredibly effective!

KeraHealth has developed a range of clinically proven products that are packed with vitamins and minerals that help with male hair growth! Not only do they work, but they are also clean, natural, and drug-free! Using these products topically or taking the supplements works to nourish and moisturize your hair. Keep reading for more information, or check out our website at!

Hair Growth Supplements

Hair growth supplements for men that help to stimulate hair growth can be really effective at helping to reduce hair loss and for stimulating new hair growth. Look out for supplements that are all-natural and clinically proven to actually work though – don’t fall for gimmicks online that claim to work and actually don’t!

Some of the best supplements on the market are those created by KeraHealth. They are clinically proven to work and are packed with nutrients that are also scientifically understood to stimulate the growth of new hair follicles while maintaining and thickening your already existing hair. If you’re suffering from hair loss, why not try hair supplements to give your hair a boost?

Hair Growth Shampoo

Hair growth shampoo works to cleanse your hair and de-clog your pores while coating your hair with nutrients that fix any damage and feed your hair follicles the nutrients they need to grow and keep healthy. KeraHealth Follicle Hero Shampoo is not only clinically proven to work, but it is also full of amazing ingredients like; B vitamins; biotin; essential hair proteins; coconut oil, and; aloe vera.

It also includes Kera Cysteine which is a form of keratin that is small enough for the body to absorb. All of these nutrients work together to nourish and moisturize your hair, which deeply cleansing it and feeding it a load of amazing vitamins and minerals to keep it healthy and to stimulate new hair growth.

Hair Growth Conditioner

Using a hair growth shampoo along with a hair growth conditioner really gives your hair the best chance at thriving! After using KeraHealth Follicle Hero Shampoo to deeply cleanse your hair, use the conditioner to replenish all the amazing vitamins and minerals your hair needs to grow and thicken up.

Combining the hair growth supplements with hair growth shampoo and conditioner really works to combat hair loss due to DHT, aging, stress, and other environmental factors. Don’t wait for your hair loss problems to solve themselves, take action! Why not start your hair care journey with a reliable, and scientifically proven-to-work brand like KeraHealth, today?!

Want to Know More?

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