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How To Prevent Porcelain Figurines From Damage During Shipping

Porcelain figurines are extremely fragile and shipping them is a complicated task. Therefore, it is very important to understand the best way to transport these precious collectibles. When moving them through long distances consider hiring the services of a fine art insurer and appraiser. This is because your damage might occur beyond the control of the moving company. Insurance will ensure that you receive appropriate compensation for your figurines.

Safest way to ship your porcelain figurines

It is a wonderful decision to hire a professional mover with experience in transporting art pieces and antiques. These movers should have experience and expertise in handling fragile and valuable items including porcelain figurines for some years. These will guide you on the most appropriate way to move your precious collectibles without chances of breakage.

One of the most important stages when moving porcelain figurines is the packing process. Great care is required to lessen chances of damage. This will ensure that your collectibles reach their destination intact. The best way to pack porcelain art pieces is by using items including:

  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing tape
  • Foam peanuts
  • Two boxes with the appropriate size

Porcelain figurines packing procedure

The dimensions of the boxes are very important when packing porcelain figurines. These boxes should not be oversized to lessen chances of the items moving about after packing. This increases the chances of your items being damaged. Alternatively, the boxes should not be very small to eliminate chances of breakage from getting into contact with the box. The right art moving professionals understand all the nuances of moving your best Meissen figurines. These professionals will offer reliable, quick, and convenient service at an affordable cost.

Some handy tips to ensure your Meissen porcelain treasures arrive in one piece include:


Packing a single item is not hard. You can use some of the items mentioned above. However, when packing multiple figurines, it is not a good idea to pack them together. Pack each one individually to prevent chances of banging each other. This might make them get chipped, damaged, or break into various pieces.

Prevent further damage

Chen your figurines for potential spots that might easily get damaged during moving. Some of the areas of concern include protruding spots on the figurines including arms, legs, and head. Protect these spots with bubble wrap, Styrofoam egg carton, or foam. To secure the wrapping, use packaging or painting tape. However, avoid placing tape on the item to avoid damage during the process or when unwrapping.


After covering the weak spots, ensure to wrap the other parts of the figurines with bubble wrap or light foam. However, ensure that the items are completely covered without being mummified. This will ensure that your collectibles have the best protection to ensure they reach their destination intact. Doing this will ensure that the items are unwrapped without any worry about breakage or damage.

Include cushion

You have already noticed that porcelain figurines should be packed in two boxes. One should fit inside the other box. In the smaller box, add packing peanuts on the bottom before placing the figurines. Afterward, fill the box with more foam peanuts without making it too tight. Ensure to leave appropriate space to offer cushion.

Filling the larger box

This box should also have a layer of packing peanuts. The box should be sturdy and shock resistant such as a shipping crate. Fill the larger box with the smaller box in the middle. In the remaining space between the boxes, fill it with peanuts to the top. Continue filling up the larger box to ensure that smaller box doesn’t move.

Label your outer box

Are you moving to a new home? You obviously have more boxes to deal with. Therefore, ensure to label all your boxes. This will make it easier for the movers to understand the box containing your precious collectibles and to give it special attention. Labeling your boxes when moving makes the unwrapping process and it allows the movers to place the boxes in corresponding rooms.

Mind about weather

Meissen porcelain figurines are affected significantly by the weather. Therefore, avoid moving them in extreme hot or cold weather. Exposure to bad weather might make the items to develop small cracks. Additionally, ensure to keep the figurines away from direct sunlight to keep them safe.

The wrap-up

Porcelain figurines are precious items that make wonderful interior décor items and a source of investment. Regardless of whether you are delivering the figurines to a client or moving to a new home, you have to give special attention to how these collectibles are transported. Place them in a small box inserted in a bigger one for safety. Avoid combining figurines together and give the items cushion using packing peanuts. Overall, ensure to hire a professional mover with experience transporting art pieces.

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