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How To Remove Watermark From Photo?

Do you want to get rid of unnecessary timestamps or marks on the images? The Watermark software quickly solves the problem by removing the timestamp in seconds while maintaining the image quality.

Remove Watermark Stamp from Photo

Digital cameras come with plenty of features and settings. They allow users to customize their image size, adjust the exposure, and apply filters to the images. Among so many features and settings, digital cameras come with an option of adding Watermark and time on images by default. If you turn on this feature, it will add timestamps to all photos.

This feature is available in almost all new cameras that add functions like photo Watermark and time to let them know when the picture was taken. It is not necessarily required to add Watermark and time to all the images.

Timestamps make pictures exasperating and distracting, they can ruin the memorable events of your life. Such marks make images bland, unpleasant, and unwanted. These images can’t be used anywhere, and don’t appeal to anyone when having such marks.

Software to Remove Watermark from Photo

Removing the Watermark from photos is not a Hercules job anymore; you can find plenty of software online to do this simple job for you in minutes. However, every software has a different interface, ranging from simple to complex, and requires necessary editing skills to do the job.

If you seriously want to know how to remove the Watermark stamp from a photo without getting into hassles, use

It takes away all worries to remove Watermarks from photos in no time without getting into any technicalities. This simple, intelligent, and productive tool makes photo editing straight and effortless. Whether you want to remove the data stamp from a single photo or bulk photos, this can easily be removed at once with its batch mode.

Advantages of Watermark Remover

  • It has completely replaced all traditional software with its state-of-the-art tools.
  • Help to remove Watermark stamps, watermarks, and unwanted objects from pictures.
  • Works with all formats of images and allows saving images in multiple formats.
  • Its user-friendly interface allows users to edit photos quickly and comfortably.
  • The software allows zooming of images and tools for editing with perfection.
  • This software offers tutorials on how to remove Watermarks from photos for the users.
  • Batch mode allows bulk editing at once and leaves no traces on the images.
  • It takes three steps to edit any image.

How to remove Watermark stamp from photo with Watermark Remover

Removing time and Watermark stamps on photos with Watermark Remover software is completely hassle-free, and just a few clicks away. Its three-step editing models make it a top choice for most people looking to edit images professionally.

Step 1: Just run the program, and open the photo in it to edit. For bulk pictures, you can use the batch conversion feature in the program.

Step 2: Pick the Watermark stamp on the photo with the color section tool in the program; it will pick the area by its color. You can do this with the color selection tool; the program detects the area by color.

Step 3: Now, remove the Watermark stamp from the image by clicking the “remove” button. You can use this method for the single photo to learn how it works, then you can use batch mode for bulk editing.

Why Remove Watermark Stamp from Photos?

It happens with lots of users that they forget to turn off the printing Watermark setting on photos when they use their digital cameras on any event or function. Generally, most digital cameras come with settings to save pictures with Watermark and time stamp. People just start taking pictures without knowing about the settings in their cameras.

The following are the reasons people want to remove the Watermark and time stamp on photos:

  • Pictures containing Watermark and timestamps don’t look good in the presentation.
  • The font color of timestamps appears in contrast with the images that make them prominent and irritating.
  • Stamp positions on the images don’t look appropriate.
  • Stamps on images get visible in printing.
  • Such images are not suitable to share on social media and profiles.

Besides, these images look unprofessional and unusable. So, they need to be edited and removed from the images. However, editing or removing Watermark and time stamps from the photographs is a complicated, tiresome, and time-consuming task. It can take hours to edit, require expertise in editing, or involve a considerable cost. We suggest using photo editing software to get rid of timestamps on the images.

Alternate Ways to Remove Watermark from Photo

Besides using the software, there are many ways to remove the Watermark stamps from photos. We are going to discuss each below:

Removing Watermark In Gimp: GIMP is open-source software that allows image editing and is easy to use. Use the following method to remove Watermark and time stamp in GIMP:

  • Load the GIMP software and time stamp on the picture using the select tool.
  • Once you selected the timestamp, click the filter tab and then click enhance, and then go to heal selection and apply it to the image.
  • Select the sample width as 50 in the dialogue box that appears next. Pick the same from all around and filling the order randomly.
  • Finish by clicking the ok button; it will hide the Watermark stamp immediately.

Removing Watermark In Paint: It is effortless to remove Watermark and time markings on photos in Paint. There are no skills required to do this simple task. Just select the timestamp’s background color with the color picker in the Paint and fill the timestamp with the background color. It will merge the timestamp in the background color.

Cropping Photo: If you can’t try the above methods or think these are complicated for you. Then you can cut the image by opening in any window image editor. Just open the image in any image editor, click the crop button and crop the part of the image with a timestamp.

Turning Off Watermark Settings In Camera

Every digital camera comes with the option of printing Watermark and time stamps on images. You can change the option in the camera settings and turn the Watermark/time settings off. This feature is mostly available on the camera settings page.

There are many ways to remove the timestamp from photos, but using professional editing software like “Watermark remover” is the best. It professionally removes time stamps without compromising on the image quality and helps to remove stamps from a large number of images with its batch feature. Now download the software and get the job done in seconds.