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How To Restore Family Photos – 3 Easy Ways

Fix Old, Damaged Photos With 3 Simple Tips

From weddings to graduations to simple gatherings, family photos help you fondly look back on special occasions and remember the good times. Sadly, those photographs may be damaged over time – rips, tears, mold, and water are just some of the many things that can destroy a photo’s original color and detail.

If your old photos have been damaged, don’t worry! You can hire a professional restoration service like Image Restoration Center or try these simple tips out to fix your old family photos – they may just do the trick!

Digitize Images And Try Manual Restoration

The first thing you should try to do to restore your old photos is to make digital copies. This allows you to work on the photo without damaging the original.

Scan your photographs and save the files to your computer. Alternatively, you can take photos using your mobile phone or camera – this is especially recommended for very old and fragile photos.

Once you’ve saved these digital copies, put on a pair of plastic gloves and clean your photos by hand. You can use an old, soft toothbrush to gently remove dirt and small particles stuck to your photos.

Do not attempt to wash off dirt, as this may cause it to settle further!

If your photo is stuck to the glass, other photos, or the photo album’s protective cover, do not attempt to unstick it by yourself. Trying to unstick your photos may cause more damage that will become even harder to fix later on. Instead, send the digitized copies to a professional photo restorer.

Frame And Crop According To The Rule Of Thirds

Professional photographers often swear by the Rule of Thirds when composing a balanced photograph. Picture a grid overlay with nine sections made up of three evenly spaced horizontal and vertical segments. Your photo editing program will likely have this feature built-in – use that to guide your eye.

Focus on the main subject in the photo. Zoom in close on their face or whole body, and carefully crop the whole photo so that the face or body is positioned slightly off-centre. This will help draw the viewer’s focus naturally.

Hire A Professional Photo Restorer

This is highly recommended for heavily damaged photos that can’t be restored using apps or basic photo editing programs. There are many photo restoration services that can edit even old and delicate pictures and breathe new life back into them.

Choose a high-quality service with reasonable pricing, and give them detailed instructions about what work needs to be done. The restored photos will look as good as new – or, in many cases, even better than the originals!


Your damaged family photos can be restored with the right tools, plenty of patience, and an artistic touch. With these three easy tips, you can bring old photographs back to their former glory. Once the restoration is complete, you can look forward to admiring these photos again for more years to come!