How to Restrict Your Child’s Internet Access?

The Internet is the means of connection in today’s world. The fast paced life of the modern world is dependent on the internet for everything. You can learn you can sell and buy things; you can communicate and do lots of other work. This is why the internet has become the necessity of modern civilization. Modern electronic devices are just toys without the internet today and you can only sit with your hands on your lap without the internet.

Despite so many positive utilities, it still has some negativity if it is used to harm people. Basically, people who are used to using the internet for their various works are less vulnerable than those of them who are not that much comfortable to use the internet. On the other hand, the kids who don’t understand the dark sides of the facility can be soft targets of the internet goons. There are potential threats for the kids both mentally as well as physically. Not only this, but you can also lose all your personal data and digital belongings if there is an attack on your device through the internet.

Types of Threats through Internet

The term Internet suggests that it bridges between the information seekers and the information providers. It creates a network among the users so that they can share the necessary information with each other as well as can stay in touch. Modern developments have made it capable to accomplish various other functions like sharing views through social media, transferring digital money, and most importantly making payments instantly without using hard cash. You can also get several means of entertainment too through the internet. But here lies the traps from the internet extortionists. They send you various links as well as lucrative ads on the internet. But if you by any chance log in there, the control of your device goes to their hands. They can now use all your information for their purposes. Sometimes they just extort money by sending you fake links. You may have ideas about that, but your kids are the soft targets for these attacks. They can share the details unknowingly and can cause the blunder. Sometimes cyber bullying and black mailings also happen with the kids through the internet. So it is better to keep track of the uses of the internet by your kids. It is even better to restrict the uses within certain risk-free sites that are necessary for the kids for their learning as well as entertainment.

What can be the Best Way to Restrict the Internet Access by the Children?

Since in the modern age the kids are also tech-savvy, you need to be smarter than them if you want to restrict the internet usages. Kids have immense eagerness to know about many things in the world. That is the easiest trap to catch them and extort either information or money or several other things. So in the very first place, you need to restrict the internet usage by them and confine them within the boundaries of the legal and technically good sites. There are different ways to restrict the internet usages of the kids and here we are discussing some of them.

Parental control is a very useful tool for parents to restrict access to the internet on their devices. Parental control is actually a software programmed to block the unauthorized sites. It blocks the way through which the user can get into the particular site through the device. You can buy software that can work in more than one device simultaneously. It sends you an alert if there is any attempt to log into any unauthorized or unsafe website. On the contrary, it also blocks the route through which the harmful ads or mails enter into the user interface of your device. Parental control software also allows you to be the host of the home network and restrict the time of access of the device by your children. The advanced security system gives you the authority to set a pass code to get access to the device and the internet connection. You can mark particular websites as “Allowed” or “Blocked” to exercise control over internet access.

Limit the Access through the Router

Sometimes you don’t need to practice the controls on the device but you can restrict the appearance of the inappropriate sites from the generation point. A router is a device that allows the internet connection to get into your device. So if you can block the access of the sites from the router itself, then you can stay without worry. The process is mentioned below.

  1. You have to open the web browser on your phone or the computer.
  2. Now type a special code at the place where you type the URLs. You can also search for the IP address of the router through the internet.
  3. Here you need to enter the username of the admin along with the password. You can find them in the router manual or they are printed behind the router.
  4. Now open “Access Restriction” from the settings menu. Here you will get options to configure your restriction options.
  5. You can set certain sites as restricted. Along with this, you can also set the time limit to access internet connection through the router.
  6. Now save your settings as per your wish and set a password to protect the restrictions.

What are the Ways You can Restrict the Usages of the Internet?

  1. You can restrict certain sites and their contents to display. The parental control will even restrict access to those sites.
  2. Set a time limit for your kids when you are not at home to take care of them. If you don’t do that, kids will keep surfing the internet which can be harmful for their physical and mental health.
  3. You can stay fearless from fake emails and messages or lucrative ads on the internet.
  4. You can track the activities of your kids on the internet through parental control too.