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How to save relationships from a break up?

There is no perfect relationship in our world. All couples have experienced difficulties sometimes and it’s normal. Some of them are taking a break in a relationship to be in a clear mind and understand what they actually need in their life. In some situations it can be really dangerous. A lot of failed relationships went this way. When you feel that your relationship is falling apart, it’s time to find the right way to save it.

We’ve interviewed our expert from blog about dating on how to prevent relationships from breaking up and keep them healthy and long lasting.

First steps when a relationship struggles

1) Decide what to do after detecting the problems

So, when you have figured out the problem, you can fix it only if two of you really want to change the situation. If only one person makes some efforts to resolve it, it`s completely useless.
Depending on the problem with your relationship, you might choose one of 3 ways to resolve it, you can take a break, break up or make efforts in trying to save your relationship.
But don’t choose the easiest way too quickly, try to feel the right decision not only in your mind.

2) So, if you choose to continue relationship with this person, you should be patient, it`s not so easy and takes some time

It would be really good for your relationship if you tries to rediscover each other and remind yourselves of why you fell in love in the first place. A good idea is to recreate your first date, maybe in your favourite restaurant? Or in the place where you met each other for the first time. Easy dating means creating a pleasant atmosphere for your partner where she can feel herself safe and opened for the conversation.

3) Bring something new and refresh the feelings between each other

Find one day in your weekly schedule, which you can spend only with each other and so that no one bothers you.
Create intimacy, intimacy means not only physical, but also emotional attachment. Choose a time to tell your partner about your mental and physical needs. Discuss what you can do together to meet them.
Try something new together. Break the routine, invent something new that will make your life more exciting.

4) Surprise your partner

Write on a postcard how you like to spend time with him, give him a balloon in the middle of a hard working day, a bouquet of wildflowers or a box of gourmet chocolate that you can eat while watching a romantic movie. And for some it is a good gift if you tidy the garage or clean up the kitchen.

5) Let your partner feel special

Let him or her know that your relationship is at the top of your priorities. So, if your partner is wearing a nice outfit, if he got a new haircut, or some other changes in appearance, say something nice to him, give him some compliment but you should be sincere and honest with him, don`t use flattery. Nothing can`t be worse than a dishonest and fake person.

6) Spend time away from each other

Just as much as you have to spend a lot of time together, spend some time separate too. Give yourselves time to miss each other.

7) Don’t be afraid to tell them what they need to fix

Tell your partner what you need him to do in order for you to be happy. He should know a few things which he does that hurt you. If he really wants to be with you, he`ll fix it.

How to fix a broken relationship with your partner?

There is no point in trying to fix a broken relationship if it’s just your own desire. Or if only one of you agree to make an efforts.

So, if both of you agree to try to fix a broken relationship, the first step which you should do is to forgive each other.

What to say if someone breaks up with you?

There is really no point in saying anything, if someone made a decision it`s just his own choice and you should respect it.

Most relationships can be saved, it´s difficult to believe but it is possible. One important thing you must do is to find out real causes for the break up. You can learn this by looking at the past and see the mistakes that were made and discover what could have been different. Follow these easy steps and make your relationships strong and healthy. If you want more tips and advice about dating you can read this blog:

We hope you are on the right path to saving your relationship with your soul mate!