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How to Save Your Mobile Phone from Getting Damaged

Smartphones are one of the needs of today’s world. There is hardly anyone that you would find without a smartphone these days. The becoming a necessary part and the advantages aside, smartphones are also somewhat of a fashion statement or a status symbol nowadays.

There are newer, shinier, sleeker models coming out almost every other day from various big brands and companies. And not just the big companies, but also many smaller or newer manufacturers are surfacing frequently to meet the growing demand for smartphones, and a number of them are quite competent.

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However pricey or otherwise it may be, once you have invested in a smartphone of your choice, you will obviously want to protect it. Nowadays, your smartphone is like your buddy. It keeps you engaged and entertained, stores your information, brings news and stuff to share with you, helps you with studies or work, and lends aid in many other aspects.

So naturally, you want to keep it close and secure. You also want it to be in its best sleek, shiny form so that you can proudly show it off.

Following are some tips that are going to help you keep your phone secure, protected, and damage-free.

Screen Protector

The screen is undoubtedly the best and most attractive part of any smartphone, but it is also the most fragile. Therefore, the priority should be protecting the screen. While screens nowadays are built with scratch and drop resistant materials like Gorilla Glass, they are not completely undamageable.

Glass protectors will add an extra layer of protection to the screen and it’s a lot easier and cheaper to replace than an original screen.

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Phone Case

Phone cases offer support both to the screen and the back of the phone. These are most effective at stopping damage likely to be caused by an accidental drop. Even though you should be careful in the first place to hold your phone firmly especially while walking or multitasking, having a case will still prevent or lessen the damage in the unlikely occurrence of a fall.

The Avoidance of Extreme Temperatures

Exposure to extreme heat or cold can cause damage to the phone’s battery or system causing it to have a shortened battery life or a malfunctioning system. If you live in a place prone to extreme weather of any kind, be sure to protect your phone from direct exposure.

Do not leave your phone in direct sunlight or an outside parked vehicle if it’s too hot. In case of too cold weather, do not leave the phone outdoors or even in the front pocket of your jacket or coat, etc. Keep it in an inside pocket for proper protection from the cold.

Also, take care to charge your device in comparatively cooler indoors when it’s too hot because the device tends to get hot while charging.

Keeping Away from Water and Moisture

In places like the beach or pool or case of rain, make sure your phone is not exposed to water unless it’s water-proof. If the device is not water-proof, avoid holding it with wet or sweaty hands too because too much moisture can cause damage to the phone’s system.

Do not expose the device to fog or mist either.