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How to Secure an Empty Business Property

Thieves and vandals target empty buildings. Metal and materials thefts are on the rise and the damage caused by these criminal acts can add up to more than the cost of the stolen items. Criminals often attack hard to secure premises, such as those without power and communication links. And anti-social behaviour is more likely to happen at an empty property.

Site security is a vital issue for managers and business owners in Oxford. Security Services Oxford offer some tips for keeping a vacant space safe:

Employ a Security Guard

A professional security guard is a strong first line of defence for your building and its assets. The guard acts as a deterrent and can also be quick to respond to any disturbance on site. Security personnel are vital links in the safety chain to protect a vacant building or site. Using this service minimises the risk of materials loss, damage, and anti-social behaviour.

Use an Electronic Security System

A security guard is not the solution for every company, however. Another option is a wireless camera system to protect a location. Camera surveillance systems can be fitted anywhere, even where there is no power. Motion sensors highlight any potential danger and alert a security firm to intrusions and damage. Electronic security systems are useful for church roofs, construction sites, farms, and fuel stores, etc.

Carefully Monitor the Location

Even if you have a security guard or an electronic surveillance system, you should still carry out regular premises checks so you can keep on top of maintenance issues and spot any problems. A vacant property is much more likely to be targeted if it looks derelict or in a state of disrepair. Fix damaged windows as quickly as possible. Deal with broken fences or roofs. Tackle these issues as they occur before you have a problem with squatters or thieves.

Secure Windows and Doors

If the premises are to be left unoccupied for a long time, board up windows and doors to prevent access. Use perimeter fencing to deter entrants. Or install external security devices like barriers to stop people driving up to the site and taking materials or metals away.

Maintain Gardens and External Areas

Employ a garden maintenance firm to keep vegetation under control. An overgrown external space is the best place for intruders to hide and access your property without being seen. Weeds and fallen trees also show clearly that the premises are unoccupied. Clear waste and remove any potential exterior hazards like overhanging branches that could injure passers-by.

Keep Door Locks Secure

Change door locks frequently if you have people coming in and out of your property, such as builders. Make sure you know who has access to the building and keep a track of anyone who tries to enter without the relevant credentials. Change the locks if keys are regularly changing hands.

Erect Adequate Signage

Warning signs that a business is protected by a security guard or electronic surveillance system will provide deterrence to criminals who want an easy target. You should also install warning signs so that members of the public do not enter a potentially dangerous space.