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How to Show/Enable Hidden Photos on iPhone?

Have you aware of iPhone’s hidden features? Or do you think to hide photos?

Well, if you already know about the iPhone features then you must know that among all the amazing features, one is that you can hide the photos. And guess what? No one is able to see those photos unless you allow them to see them.

There are some possible reasons about people show and hide photos. One of the major reasons is that you might not want to show your other half that you are planning a surprise so you would like to hide the images.

The second reason would be that it would be your old images and you would rather keep them only for your eyes so you would love to hide them. There are many related reasons to hide your photos.

The point of hiding photos is that you can control which photo or any video you want to show or make it visible in your library.

But if you don’t like to hide your photos then you can show them in your library whenever you want.

Is this one of the amazing features that many IOS users want to apply? You must be wondering that after hiding if you delete the hidden albums then what next?

Don’t worry if you remove the hidden albums or by accident it will be deleted then you can get them back by using iPhone data recovery software. You cannot easily hide or show images because of this software.

Now you can feel free to hide because you can recover deleted hidden photos on iPhone. So without any risk or hesitation let’s find out how you can hide your photos on your iPhone.

Steps for hiding photos

First, you have to open photos and then you have to select what photo or video you want to hide, and then if you are confirmed tap on the share button and then hide them. The last step is that you have to confirm whether you want to hide or not.

It is a simple process without any difficulty.

Steps for showing photos

After hiding your photos if you want to show those photos then you have to open the app and then click on the albums button.

Next, you have to scroll down and click on the utility section. There you see the hidden option and here you find the photos that you hide and now you can see them. It is a manual process.

How to recover the hidden photos?

If you are worried that your hidden photos are removed then you can find them or get them back by using the recovery software because it is one of the reliable software that can scan the iPhone.

The iBeesoft is the best software that is very easy to use and scan your iPhone and lets you have all your hidden photos


After reading this article you will be able to know how to hide and show hidden photos on your iPhone.  You can also get back if you lost the hidden photos by using the recovery softwares.