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How to Start Software Company Online

There is a time in everyone’s life when they simply want to take things to an upper level and, as a programmer; your upper level is starting your own – software company. As for any other business, you can take an offline approach or hit the online medium, but either way, you need to be prepared, as each approach has its ups and downs. An online company can be a little trickier to start, but if you think twice and act once, everything should go smooth.

The plan

The first thing you need is a good plan. You’re entering a very competitive market, why should a client choose your company over others? If you can clearly answer this question and bring valid arguments, you’re on the good path. Try to be realistic as to what you can do and what you cannot do. It’s better to offer fewer services but a higher quality standard rather than have a huge services portfolio and not be able to satisfy your client’s requirements.

The people behind the scene

A one-man company is not a good company, especially if you aim high. Find some skilled programmers to have by your side to make sure you can successfully complete your projects in a timely manner and as per the client’s requirements.

A good idea would be to work with freelancers, in the beginning, to avoid having to pay someone a full-time salary when there are little or no projects. Once things start to get rolling, you can switch to full-time employees and expand your team if needed.

The clients

This is where it gets tricky. Finding clients and convincing them to buy from you will be very hard at first, but good communication skills will solve this problem. Contact your potential clients and offer to give them a presentation of your products and services. Familiarize yourself with the business of your potential client before contacting him so you can get right to the spot and present him with products that are relevant to his business. Pay high attention to details and explain everything your client might be interested in multiple times if necessary. Keep in mind that an online presence is not as trustful as a face-to-face one, so make sure you do your best to earn your client’s trust. The approach you use should be a fact-based approach rather than a marketing one aimed only to make a sale. Offering to provide a free sample might be a big plus for you as well.

The projects

Once you take up a project, devote yourself and your team entirely to satisfying your client. Start with one project at a time to ensure maximum efficiency, even though that might translate into a lower profit at first. Remember that good pilot-projects will lead to positive feedback from your clients and maybe even further recommendations, which are more valuable than money. Successfully completed projects and happy clients will most likely lead to recurring projects, so think of your first projects as investments.

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