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How to Store Your Lead Aprons Properly?

Medical workers and technicians working in the fields of Radiology, Fluoroscopy and others with potential radiation risk should wear radiation protection gear. Their body and their eyes need to be shielded with aprons and glasses respectively. Aprons and glasses block harmful radiations and protect their body.

Choosing the correct X-ray apron is important when you go to work in such radiation risk zones. The chances of your exposure shall be greatly reduced by taking small precautions that come a long way.

The standard frontal radiation protection apron has been the go-to idea for several decades now and is found in almost every technical, medical and imaging establishments. Wearing aprons for longer periods of time is essential and obviously the aspects of comfort, weight, level of protection, types of application and fitting come into consideration.

This article shall guide you through these factors and help you make a wise pick!


Did you know that improper storage of your lead aprons can result in potential weakening of the level of necessary radiation protection? By taking the right steps, you can store the lead aprons in racks while they are not in use and protect yourself from the exposure of harmful radiations.

Companies like Kemper Medical, Inc. have designed Lead apron racks keeping in mind your needs of appropriate storage and sterile environment facility for the aprons. This is important as aprons should never be folded or creased. Folding or creasing the aprons leads to their cracking and they no longer continue to shield your body. Cracks in lead aprons makes it easier for radiation to pass through and hence you will be at the risk of exposure to radiation.

The wall mounted peg style Apron racks will keep your lead aprons safe and organized. The pegs on the rack are made of steel and of the dimensions: 36″L x 4.5″W x 3″H and can be configured in different other ways too as per requirement.

You can choose the configuration based on your requirements of space, weight capacity and the number of aprons to be stored.

There are a wide variety of lead apron racks available in the market, ranging from wall mounted peg racks to free standing racks. The apron and glove combination holder stands owing to its special provision for storage of lead gloves.

Quick Do’s and Don’ts

  • Clean you aprons regularly – don’t use products that contain bleach, do not submerge aprons in water, do not machine launder. Once the cleaning is done, hang the apron on the designated apron rack.
  • Take your time to inspect aprons for cracks, lumps, creases and other types of defects.
  • Make sure to store them properly – using designated apron racks.
  • Dispose of lead aprons properly – they contain lead, which means that they cannot be disposed of as a municipal waste – they need to be disposed of as a hazardous waste (or recycled).
  • Avoid extreme temperatures (hot – e.g. direct sunlight, or cold).
  • Don’t fold your aprons and don’t store sharp objects in the pockets.


The safety of the medical personnel is always the most important concern. Within each department, a storage rack for the lead aprons and gloves will prove very useful. Since departments are of different sizes and requirements, you can make your choice accordingly from our assortment of styles and configurations while being assured of the highest quality.

Always keep in mind that you are putting yourself at a grave risk by not storing your aprons properly. We hope that you take our suggestions into consideration when you make a purchase.