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How to Take care for your snap-on denture?

Snap on dentures is a prosthetic device placed by clipping on some dental implants. Generally, two to four implants are implanted in your jaw. The so-called locator abutment extends from attachment implants and provides a base for your dentures to adhere to. In turn, the inside of the dentures are solid rubber washers.

Snap on dentures and dental implant is a great investment. To make sure you get the most out of your new smile, here are some important tips on how to look after them.

Insert your snap-on denture

Careful insertion of your prosthesis will prevent it from getting worn, warped or broken.

When inserting your dentures, put them in your mouth and rotate it back and forth until you feel the O-rings (rubber washers) are aligned with your implants. Then push the tool along the arch using your fingers. You hear the snap several times when the two parts are properly engaged. After this, tug a little to make sure your dentures are secure. Then close your teeth together and make sure your bite is normal. If anything looks off, your dentures will not sit completely.

Never pop your teeth into your mouth and try to find the right place for it. It can heat the rubber washers and destroy some other parts. The prosthetic appliance is made from acrylic, so if you are too powerful with it it is likely to break. Always be patient and cautious when inserting your dentures.

Putting your teeth in your mouth properly takes some practice. If this process is new to you, try not to get frustrated when you learn your new tool as tricks. After a while, you’ll be a “professional snap inserting dentures”.

How to Clean Your Snap-on denture

Cleaning your appliance is a very important aspect, as it helps to last as long as intended.

To clean your dentures, follow these steps:

  1. Before bedtime, brush your teeth and brush them with tooth brush, unscented antibacterial soap and water. Gently scrub the O-rings. Be sure to remove any food particles and debris that surrounds the area. Anything left will prevent your dentures from snaping properly.
  2. When your appliance is clean you can put it in a waterproof denture box. Leave them there overnight.
  3. Now your dentures are kept away at night, it is time to clean your mouth. Using a soft toothbrush and toothpaste, brush the gum tissue, locator abutments, the roof of your mouth, and your tongue across your mouth.
  4. Using a Water Flosser is a great extra step. This device will shoot high-powered water flow around your locator abutments, removing leftover debris. Water flossers are highly recommended by dentists because they help to prolong the life of dental implants and their parts.


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