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How to Test If Your Anti-Blue Light Glasses Are Working?

There are several methods to test whether or not blue light blocking glasses, called computer glasses, work. Eyeglass manufacturers generally give numbers to indicate the degree of blue light their glasses prevent, and glasses generally block 30 to 90 percent of blue light.

Are Blue Light Filter Glasses Useful?

To determine whether the filter of anti-blue light filter eyeglass lenses works or not, it should be known what the blue light does. As it is known, light is waves, and the human eye perceives this light in different colours depending on the frequency dimension of the wave. If the frequency of the light is between 390 and 50 0nm, it is perceived as blue.

It should be noted that not all blue lights are harmful. The frequencies of those harmful to the eyes are from 390 nm to 450 nm. These rays at this frequency, which are close to ultraviolet, are harmful to the eyes. It is even used with wrestling cream to protect against these harmful rays. To protect eye health, the preference is to wear sunglasses.

The same is true for blue light. To protect the eyes, glasses that prevent the low frequencies emitted by blue light should be worn. Generally, glasses of this structure have a structure that filters harmful frequencies in the light spectrum. Therefore, glasses with this feature prevent harmful blue lights from entering your eyes. You may also want to inquire about anti-fatigue lenses to protect your eyes.

How Are Blue Light Filtered Glasses Tested?

For an eyeglass lens to block blue light, it must block light with less than 450 nm wavelength. Generally, glasses of this structure have a structure that filters harmful frequencies in the light spectrum. Therefore, glasses with this feature prevent harmful blue lights from entering your eyes. Clear glasses are used in glasses designed for computer screens.

There are main reasons for using blue light filter glasses. It is primarily used for visual comfort. While these glasses provide better sleep quality, they also reduce eye fatigue. While night sleep is uninterrupted, headaches are also significantly reduced. While maintaining eye health, the retinal layer is prevented, such as cataracts and macular degeneration. Even blue light glasses under $100 provide this protection.

Blue light is both good and bad. Eye health is seriously compromised when there is excessive contact with the blue light, which indicates that it is time to wake up.

There are Two Types of Blue Light

There are two different types of blue light. One of them is turquoise blue light. This blue light is important for vision and exists in its natural state in the sun.

Purple and blue light is bad. It is found in artificial LED lights, mobile phones, computer screens, and different technological devices. In excessive contact, disrupts sleep patterns and can cause eye fatigue. Blue light filter glasses absorb purple light, allowing good light to come to the eyes.

Blue light filter glasses can also be made without degrees. If the user does not need glasses under normal conditions and desires to be protected from blue light with eyes, unrated glasses can be used. Blue-filtered eyeglass lenses provide much better visual comfort regardless of whether it is difficult to see or not. Those who do not experience any loss of vision in their eyes can also use these glasses very comfortably.

As concerns about artificial light from electronic devices are increasing, several eyewear brands claim to block all the blue light harmful to our sleep. However, it is very difficult for us to evaluate the effectiveness these brands claim to be blocking without clear reference criteria.

How Are Glasses Tested?

A certain test can be applied to find out if we really block unwanted blue light coming from the screens. This test can be done with two separate objects on the screen.

The first object should be created with the RGB color model. In the second object, a special process should be applied to remove the blue tones. If we have normal color perception and there is no problem with the RGB system of the screen and the blue light blocker used is effective, the two images should look the same. This is because the blocker has to do practically what is done with photo editing software, i.e. filter out the blue light.

In another test, two colour spectra are compared. If the two spectra look the same, blue light blocking is effective. While one spectrum represents the normal spectrum, the other spectrum must be modified by photo-editing software to remove blue hues. In this way, glasses, films, and applications used to block blue light will be effective if these two spectrums are very similar.