How To Throw And Eco-friendly Party On A Budget

When you’re planning a party or event you want everything to be perfect and hopefully, as easy as possible. You find the right decorations and plan the menu and send out the invites, and that’s a lot of work. So you probably don’t want to do a ton of cleanup after the big day comes to an end. You’ve already done enough.

But if you’re ecologically minded, the idea of disposable dinnerware and all that excess waste may leave you feeling a little guilty.

Don’t fret. There are several options out there so you can throw a great party with the easy cleanup that is both ecological and economical.

Biodegradable Dinnerware

The bulk of waste at gatherings comes from your dinnerware. You know those paper plates and plastic forks that make it so easy to clean up the mess after the party is over? Well, those days are no more.

You don’t have to use paper and plastic and create all the waste that comes with it just because you don’t want to do a million dishes after your party.

Use Bamboo plates! Bamboo plates are disposable just like paper and plastic plates, but they biodegrade. This means they naturally decompose, and usually within 60 days.

Not only are bamboo plates biodegradable, but they are also 100% organic. This means they’re safer than plastic, not only for your guests but for the environment.

Plus, they look so much chicer than paper and plastic plates so they’ll fit the look of any party theme.

It’s not just bamboo plates–all your dinnerware–from serving bowls to utensils are available in bamboo or biodegradable version now.


You won’t only save time and money by sending electronic invitations; you’ll save the environment. Just create one invitation and send it to all your contacts. There’s no need to go out and buy invitations, fill out each one and send them anymore. It may add a personal touch, but it’s a huge waste of natural resources.

Instead, design one of your own and send it out as an evite!

Electronic invitations also make it easier for people to RSVP so you know how many guests to expect, saving you the time and money of over-planning while preventing waste.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Maybe you’re the type of party planner that loves to go all out with streamers, banners, and balloons. Who doesn’t love that? The problem is all those decorations create a lot of waste that ends up in our landfills.

  • Instead of streamers, use homemade garlands. You can create lovely hanging garlands from the greenery and flowers you have in your yard.
  • Make use of those old mason jars and empty candleholders by reusing them. Put candles or flowers in the jars to add ambiance to a table setting.
  • Consider paper flowers. You can buy or make these yourself. You can also reuse them later!
  • Decorate with the plants you have. Add succulents to the table. Bring out your potted plants.

These decorating ideas are free and environmentally friendly!

What about the leftovers?

If you don’t want to waste money and resources, make a plan beforehand for all that leftover food.

  • Have your guests bring their own eco-friendly containers and send them home with goodies.
  • You can also just use some of that sturdy bamboo dinnerware to transport those leftover party snacks.
  • If you’re really feeling generous, give away your decorations as parting gifts or party favors.

It’s totally possible to throw a party that’s both ecological and economical. You just have to get creative. Your guests will appreciate it and your party will be memorable and unique. So get planning!