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How to Transfer WhatsApp Messages

Mobile Phones & Applications

Our smartphones are considered to be an essential part of our daily lives. Statistically speaking, ninety-percent of users reading this article are likely doing so from a mobile device. Did you know that it was in 1917, more than a century ago, that an inventor named Eric Tigerstedt filed the first patent for a pocket-sized folding telephone? But the first handheld mobile phone was only later invented in the 1970s by Martin Cooper, weighing a whopping two kilograms. Crazy, right?

Today, mobile phones support a variety of communication services. This includes text-based applications such as WhatsApp, used for media sharing & storage by over a billion users worldwide. But what happens if you need to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android, or restore WhatsApp messages entirely? After all, it’s been recorded that we change our smartphones on average around every two years or so. So how do we ensure our valuable data move with us safely and securely?

WhatsApp Transfer & Restoration

To transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android might seem like a mammoth undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be. Getting all of your precious data from one device to another has to be done in just the right way. It’s one of the most challenging of data transfers there is. So, to do it right, you need a specially designed program to help. And to restore WhatsApp messages on your iPhone and Android is just as easy of a task. You can do so by backing up all messages and media to a PC (personal computer), transferring your messages and media between two devices, and restoring your messages and media to any iOS or Android device. This way, messages & media transfer, backup, and restoration can all be done using a secure process.

A Lost or Broken Smartphone

Upgrading your smartphone isn’t the only time to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android or restore WhatsApp messages. Being proactive by taking preventative steps could save you from having a mental breakdown. Imagine losing your smartphone or somehow breaking it. What happens to all your data then? It may be best to consider a backup of your messages and media – better safe than sorry.

Suffering a Real Loss

We look at our smartphone screens more than one hundred and fifty times each day. That’s a lot! So what would happen to us psychologically should we experience the loss of our data because we didn’t transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android correctly or restore WhatsApp messages preemptively? Studies show that when facing a loss, we feel intense emotional pain. An Eysenberg experiment revealed how our neurotransmitters experience a significant increase in pain and trauma generated by anxiety, distress, and depression.

Losing Valuable Media & Data

Many things in life are replaceable, and most things we can live without. What gives your smartphone its identity is more than just the applications installed, but rather the personal messages and media you have saved on them. Losing the data you’ve collected & stored on your smartphone can become a nightmare, especially after switching your phone. And the only way to be one hundred percent certain it remains safe would be to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android and restore WhatsApp messages correctly.

Transfer & Recovery Options

There are several ways in which to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android and restore WhatsApp messages, but it’s best to opt for a tool that isn’t complicated or time-consuming. Instead, the software should be easy-to-use, reliable, and convenient. Always choose software that has an established and proven record for reliability and download history.