How to Use a Compound Hunting Bow

When it comes to usage, only the best bows for hunting will stand out. This is because only these bows will offer the required durability and flexibility to perform shooting-related actions. Hunting bows are easy to use, but you still need to know a couple of things before you start shooting.

Investing in the right bow is not the only thing you need to do to ensure success in the field. You also need to learn the correct way to shoot with your bow. This article will highlight the right way to use these bows. It is a step-by-step guide to ensure that you make the most out of your hunting experience.

Adjusting Poundage

Poundage refers to just how difficult or easy it is to pull your bow back and achieve a full draw. The best bows for hunting all have one common thing; they will all offer a good adjustable weight range.

There are two advantages to this. Firstly, you can select the range that provides you with ease and comfort. Secondly, you can build up the strength to increase your ability and skill over time. At higher poundage, you will be able to get your arrow to fly further and flatter. However, you will also have to apply more force when getting higher poundage.

Practicing Consistency

Many people struggle with achieving consistency. This is because they are not ready to put in the time and effort needed to achieve this. You can perfect your shot by trial and error method; the more you shoot; the more consistent you will be. Moreover, this practice also helps you control the confounding variables during your hunting excursions.

The way to separate good bows for hunting from cheaper ones is to test their release. The ones in the former category will provide ease of usage.

 Setting-Up Safety

This is another very important step and one that should take precedence. Even when you have invested in the best crossbows, you can still hurt someone or yourself while shooting.

To enhance safety, you need to practice in the open and ensure that there is no important thing surrounding you. This is because even the best bows can sometimes falter and make the arrow go in either direction.

Important Steps Before Your First Shot

If you are an amateur and have never shot with a bow, then we recommend you read this section first. This is because even the best bows for hunting cannot guarantee success if you don’t follow a few simple steps first.

  1. Knocking the arrow– this is integral to everything else that you do while hunting. To knock your arrow, you simply have to pull back into a complete draw and release your string without the arrow inside. This is because even the most reliable bows can break easily if you don’t knock the arrows first.
  2. Finding points of contact– in this step, you have to ensure that the nock clips sit onto the string and the tip of the arrow sits on the rest.
  3. Pulling into a draw– now pull into a full draw and take extra care to avoid clamping the spring.
  4. Finding your anchor- in this step, you have to move your hand around so that you can see out of the peep sight. Afterward, you have to press the hand against your face.
  5. Adjusting your peep sights– this is integral to achieving accuracy. You will have to move your anchor points for as long as you are unable to see through the peep sights.
  6. Pulling the trigger- once you are done with all of the above steps, you need to place the top pin onto your target and simply pull the release trigger.

Why Are You Failing at Hunting

Despite investing in one of the best bows for hunting, you can still fail at achieving success in the field. Contrary to what people believe, this is not always due to an unreliable bow. Here are all the possible reasons why you are failing at hitting your target.

Fatigue-this may seem like an obvious reason, but there are many implications of fatigue that go unnoticed. You need strength and energy to draw accurately. When you are tired, your muscles are unable to draw for long and hence fail at producing an accurate shot.

Far-fetched goals– the biggest issue with hunters is that they want to get quick results. They will not put in the required time and effort to practice and will set unrealistic goals for themselves. So even when they have one of the best bows for hunting; they will still fail at producing results.

Dropping your arm– this is the biggest mistake that shooters make. They drop their arms as soon as the arrow flies in the air. This greatly disrupts the movement of the arrow. This is why you are always recommended to hold your finish.

Flinching- even the most experienced of hunters can flinch before they shoot into the air. This is because holding the bow requires strength and patience. However, an easy way to fix this problem is to practice more. The more you shoot, the less you will flinch.

Getting a cheap bow– it goes without saying that you need a good bow to achieve guaranteed results. You will have to look through the internet and find the best bows for hunting. You then have to assess the features of each and compare them with your criteria to find the perfect model.

Final tips

You can have some of the best bows for hunting at your disposal and still not achieve your desired results. But contrary to what you may think, this is not a non-fixable situation. In this article, we have highlighted some of the key problems that may hinder performance. Moreover, we have also shared some tips that will help you use your hunting bow in the right way. Make sure you pay attention to every word; there is your hunting career at stake here.