How to Use a Dry Herb Vaporizer

Newfangled vaporizers come in multiple shapes and sizes. They even feature different styles and appearances. Still and all, most dry herb vapes have a lot of similarities from the preparation of the materials, to loading the chamber, and finally enjoying some tasty and satisfying vapor. Here is a list of some necessary steps to get you to the right track to help you experience the pleasure that a vaporizer can give.


Unquestionably, the most crucial step in using a dry herb vaporizer is to prepare the materials properly. Most of the time, we think fresher material can give us the best benefit. However, in terms of vaping, it isn’t effective at all. Mainly because fresher bud contains too much water, and since water and cannabinoids vary in terms of their boiling points, indeed, you will not get the same quality of vapor that you might get when vaping some properly cured flowers. The same thing with vaping a dry, crumbly material goes after with the concept of vaping overly fresh material. This just won’t hand you the same quality of vape that some properly curled materials can give, and most probably will turn out unsatisfying and can lead to a very discouraging session.

Using an Integra Boost pack is the most acceptable way to guarantee you are using adequately cured herbs, which helps control and keep the humidity inside of your stash jar and maintain it around 62%. In grinding your properly dried herb, you have to make sure that you have the most surface area at hand so that it vaporizes accurately and leaves little to no material unconsumed. Grinders will collect the ground cannabis in the lower chamber as it falls through the holes from the top, and will usually have a few partitions. When cannabis has been appropriately ground and reaches the correct consistency, the holes then make sure that only the cannabis falls through to the second chamber. The Cali Crusher Homegrown is currently the prominent grinder to use with any vaporizer on the market. The Crusher’s teeth are exclusively created and functions both cutting and fluffing the bud to produce an ideal, weightless herb pile. After grounding up your cannabis, get ready to load up your device.

Preparation Before Loading Up!

To make sure that you can get the prime quality of vapor, you have to ensure that the chamber for your vaporizer is as clean and free from the wreckage. The best time to clean out remnants that may have stuck and left inside your heating chamber is precisely after a session since everything is still somewhat warm, and you can just simply use a 420 Wipe. And it is imperative to make sure everything had enough time to dry before loading up for use again.

Load it up!

Upon loading the heating chamber for your vape, adequate room for the regular airflow is a must-have, but you also want to try and fill the chamber’s aggregate. While conduction vapes want a dense pack, convection vaporizer will most probably have the best results with a bit of a looser pack job.

Getting Heated with Smoke Pleasures

It’s usually the right way to start at a lower temperature when vaping and then adjust according to your preference so you can meet that sweet spot for your own personal standard and what works best for the specific strain or type of material you are vaporizing. Cannabis gets the finest and satisfying vapor production when vaporized around 355-430 degrees F, but make sure not to exceed from 430 degrees F as you might fall into the chance of as you might fall into the opportunity of burning the plant material at these higher temperatures.

Down Tothe Vaping Business

When everything is set, and your device has heated up to the ideal temperature, you merely inhale gently from the mouthpiece. Though airflow does alter between diverse models and types of vaporizers, you should still not be met with much resistance when drawing air through the mouthpiece. A good draw should last between 5-10 seconds, but it depends on how comfortable it is for every individual. You can get quite a few attractions from a single oven load depending on the size of the heating chamber’s load and volume. It’ time to dump out the duff into a 420 Jar and pack a fresh oven load once the hits start having a popcorn-like flavor.

Hopefully, the above tips and necessary steps can help you have enjoyable and more pleasurable sessions upon using your vaporizer. Enjoy your vape!