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How to Use a Router Table as a Jointer

A router table is a workstation for mounting a router.  A vertical spindle protrudes from this table and spins at various speeds. A cutter head or router bit is attached to this spindle, to cut through the wooden surface at the desired angles.  The router table can also be used as a jointer, though only useful for joining edges. As it is a very narrow jointer, it cannot be used for joining broad surfaces. The use of the best router table as the jointer is a great money-saving technique when the budget is quite low.

Unplugging of router table – First of all, the router table should be unplugged to avoid any accident caused by sudden movements of the cutter. So it is essential to unplug the tool before handling its structural or functional modifications.

Correct selection of router bit – Different types of router bits are available in the market. So a user should be careful about choosing the right kind of bit as per his requirement. Generally, three types of bits are commonly used in a router table; namely a 4-degree sheer angled bit, a straight bit without any angle, and a ¾ inch long flush-trim bit. If the bit has a longer diameter, the router table can cut the wood more smoothly and steadily.

Attachment of the bit to the router – The selected bit needs to be added correctly to the router so that the router table can be used for the required cutting and joining job. When the bit is fitted, it should be elevated more than the width of the wood that needed to be joined, to make the process easier.

Set up the fence of the router table – The fence of the router table should be placed correctly and very close to the cutter, to make the cutting smoother. Both the exterior and interior edges of this fence should be in contact with the wooden board throughout the process. It is very easy to set up fences on a flat router table. The outfeed of the jointer should be of same height as the cutter, to support the cutting board. The infeed table should be adjustable according to the volume of materials to be cut or joined.

Make necessary adjustments after test cut – The cutting and jointing capacity of the router table should be checked on a waste piece of wood. It is best to use a flat, square-shaped, and clean wooden board for this testing. Then some adjustments can be made to the cutter and the fences, to get an accurate and smooth cutting of the wood.

Thus, the router table acts as a great jointer when used correctly and it is useful for new entrepreneurs and workers, as it can be used in a limited space.

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