How to watch private YouTube Videos

Social media is the primary source of info and entertainment these days on the net. Many sites connect us to the world. One of those sites is YouTube.

Intro to YouTube

In this modern era, if you are using the net, you will be aware of YouTube. YouTube is a video sharing and hosting service by Google. On this site, you can upload and share your videos with family, friends, and with the world. People around the world watch more than 5 billion videos each day.

But like every other site on the net, YouTube takes care of user privacy issues to avoid any legal battles. It gives you an option to keep your videos hidden or public for all the users. But if a user puts privacy settings on the videos and keeps them private, you will not view them in a normal situation.

YouTube Private Videos

YouTube gives an option to change the viewer settings whenever we upload a video to our channel. If you want to hide the video from your subscribers and other users, you can mark it as private.

In this case, you can get access to those YouTube videos only if they share the link to the video with you. We should note here that you cannot find these videos on YouTube by doing a YouTube search. Besides, videos are not available on the trending or recommended list. Further, whenever a user uploads a private video, subscribers won’t get the notification as well.

Methods to Access private YouTube Videos

We here at SkypeMagazine want to mention the methods to access private videos on YouTube. There are two methods to get access to private YouTube videos. One of them is by getting permission from the video owner, and the other is without permission. The best way to watch those videos is to contact the owner and request to send the link. But that process is a little complex as you would not know about the video in the first place.

If some of your friends have the video with them, you can get the link to the YouTube channel. Then, you can request the video owner to send the link to the video. But there is a chance that the link will not open your video. In that situation, try to see if you have a YouTube account. Without signing in to the account, the private video will not open. Also, you should not have more than one account for YouTube in the same browser.

Alternate Method

Some hacks for YouTube will allow us to watch YouTube videos without getting permission from the video owner. Whenever you open a private video, YouTube will give you an error message.

Go to the link of that video and edit it a little bit to open the video. You need to remove “watch?” from the video link. Afterward, hit enter, and your video will open. In this way, you will not have to log in to your YouTube account to see a private video. Another method that we should mention here is to use a third-party downloader. You need to paste the link to the downloader’s video and watch the video later from your PC.