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How to wear…clashing prints

Florals, stripes, polka dots, checks…chances are your wardrobe is full of them, all hanging happily side by side on the rail. However, wearing them out – together – takes not just confidence but know-how. 

The key to clashing prints – if you want the result to be more Carrie Bradshaw than Edina from Ab Fab – is balance: colours need to complement each other, creating a harmonious feel that pulls your look together (usually a recurring shade within the prints you pick). 

The contrast of small and a large print always works well. The larger print will be the attention-grabber, so wear on an area you want to highlight. 

If in doubt, stripes and florals are a winner, so grab your trusty Breton and tuck into a floral skirt or trousers.

Floral twist

Most of us own a floral dress, so this is the simplest place to start. A muted check jacket complements floral prints and adds another dimension without seeming too brash. Buy one size up for a more modern look.

Blazer, £169, 

Bag, £295,

Dress, £280, 

Plain crazy 

If all-over print feels too overpowering then try clashing your lower half. As shoes are such a small percentage of your outfit you can afford to go with a full-on wild print contrast.

T-shirt, £55,

Shoes, £59,

Skirt, £18,

Colour Collision 

Shades that sit opposite each other on the colour wheel always work well together. To tone down the effect a little, choose a pale top with a print that picks out a colour from the trousers.

Sunglasses, £40,

Trousers, £34.99, GP & J Baker for 

Camisole, £165,


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