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How Virtual Phone Numbers Are Disrupting The Business World

The new digital era mixed with globalization is completely disrupting day-to-day business practices.There is no doubt that the development of new technology has motivated numerous entrepreneurs to undertake new projects. As new technology emerges, businesses must learn to adapt.

Nowadays, it is essential to have flexibility when conducting daily work activities, and  being able to communicate with clients and peers is valuable. For this reason, a new tool has arrived to the market: virtual international phone numbers. You can communicate from any location, at any time. You won’t have to leave home to take business calls.

How To Establish An International Business Without Having To Leave Home

A virtual number is a number that is not directly associated with a fixed line. The phone server is being hosted in the cloud. Calls can be diverted to other devices such as smartphones, computers or tablets. All this is possible thanks to the WebRTC (Web Real – Time Communication) technology. It’s latest VoIP update now allows calls to be received through a web browser such as Chrome, Opera, Firefox or simply by downloading an app on your own smartphone or tablet.

This terminology may be hard to keep up with, however the system is very simple and convenient. It will no longer be necessary to perform any kind of software or hardware installation to talk to your co workers or clients. You no longer need to purchase additional physical equipment. With any internet connected device (mobile, computer or tablet), you will have everything at your fingertips.

An international virtual number could help your business in the following ways:

  • It offers a professional and multinational image to your company without having to leave your current office.
  • Creates flexibility and mobility for today’s workers. You can now make and receive calls from any internet connected device. Now you can drink your coffee, have a walk on the beach, and talk to your customer all at the same time.
  • Reduces costs by only needing a stable Internet connection. There is no need for hardware such as landline phones or other installations.
  • Greater efficiency when performing work tasks because with virtual numbers, you can set initial menu of options where calls are diverted to the correct agent.
  • It offers a more personal experience for the client, which increases their satisfaction and trust with the service.

But to get a good professional presence abroad, you will also need a virtual call center. This service alone is another technological revolution within itself. It manages the incoming calls from your international clients. It also helps manage agents within the company thanks to the intelligence and efficiency of this technology.

It also uses IVR to manage incoming calls automatically, under a customizable pre-configuration, such as option menus, hours of operation, etc. It’s purpose is to collect relevant data of the client you are in contact with so that they may be assigned intelligently to the most skilled agent in the ACD system.

In today’s era, working outside the office is becoming more and more common. By switching business telephone networks to the cloud, businesses will run easier since it gives the possibility to work from anywhere (including foreign countries), at any given time. Your smartphone, tablet or computer will now be your new office.

Take another step towards the digital world, and differentiate yourself from the competition thanks to virtual phone numbers..


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