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How well iPhone 7 went till the release of iPhone 11

Now when apple is ready to come up with their latest iPhone in 2020, let’s take a quick recap of iPhone 7 which was launched a couple of years back. My personal experience considers iPhone 7 as one of the revolutionary gadget in the stream of iPhones. It was equipped with many unique features such as voicemail transcription, handwritten texts, and likewise that made iPhone 7 stood out of the box from normal mobile market.

iPhone 7 Secret Features-

Advance items have advanced features and since the features were new in the market, many of them remained mystery or unknown or unpopular. Let’s see if you have explored these in your iPhone 7 and I promise, the missed one will be regretted.

  • The Secret Magnifying Glass- Tapping home button 3 times in a row, makes your iPhone 7 a magnifying glass.
  • Voicemail Transcription- Thanks to iOS 10
  • Flashlight Brightness Alteration- Hard pressing the flashlight icon comes up with the brightness options.
  • Live Photo Editing- Incredible feature with the help of iOS 10
  • Automatic Selfie- Ask Siri, she will get it done.
  • Handwritten Texts- Give iMessage more emotions with your handwritten text.
  • LED Flash for alert- Yes, it started here.
  • Searching photo made easy- Reach out to Siri.
  • Unread emails Prioritized- Get notifications directly only for unread emails.
  • Sleep Tight- Bedtime feature in the phone will help you for the same

Interesting, right? Comment which one among these you have explored and which were missed by you.

Now every innovation and satisfaction comes with a cost and the same goes with the iPhone 7 as well. Since it was a revolutionary gadget but then to be adopted in the market is always tough with so many updated features. Thanks to Apple branding efforts and customer loyalty which helped here. There were some advanced problems in terms of iOS and app performance which compelled many new users to sell iPhone 7 instantly. The basic problems which I can recall as of now are-

Problems with iPhone 7-

  • 3.5 mm jack headphone gone- What? All of sudden I wasn’t able to use my dearest headphones apart from which i got with iPhone 7.
  • Some users also reported issues with speakerphone icon while connecting call. It was just missing or graying out.
  • There were lots of complaints regarding some common issues like low battery life, iPhone 7 update problem, issue with 3D touch, speaker phone, etc.

Although, I personally consider iPhone 7 as one of the revolutionary mobile phones till date. I had a very astonishing memories with this cell phone but nothing lasts forever and I also thought to sell iPhone 7 and fortunately I got the best deal with a hassle free process on Rapid Phone Buyer. The time I bid farewell to my iPhone 7, till then it helped me with the best price value and even after I sold it, I got a superb deal and best out of it.

Let me know in the comments, how was your personal experience with the iPhone 7. Let’s go nostalgic!













































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