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How You Can Improve Your Business Website Design In 2021

To succeed in today’s digital world, having a modern and optimised website is one of the most critical elements for your business. No matter what products or services you sell, your website is your shop window. Get your design right and your customers will be able to quickly determine who you are, what you do and what you can offer them.

Get it wrong and you effectively wave goodbye to them. While you might think you’ve already got your site sorted, rapid changes and new technology developments can quickly make a formerly great site completely unfit for purpose. It’s vital you don’t neglect your website, and you need to keep abreast of new design trends and developments. Here are ways you can improve your business website in 2021.

Get Your Page Speed Moving

It’s reckoned that you’ve between 3 and 5 seconds to grab the attention of a visitor to your site when they arrive. Humans are an impatient lot and expect sites and pages to load quickly – if your site is slow to load, they’ll click away from you and look elsewhere before they even arrive.

Lost visitors means lost sales. So, if your site has lots of large images, piles of plug-ins, heaps of code, tons of bulky videos and reams of re-directs, you need to do something about it! Purging your site of these things is one of the most important steps you can take to improve your website design.

Mobile Friendly

These days, people primarily use smartphones for their internet use – mobile search overtook desktop some years ago! If your site doesn’t have a responsive design, enabling it to be viewed on all devices, then you need to sort this out urgently. A site designed purely with desktop searching in mind will make content hard to view on other devices and even lose content altogether.

Not only will this drive visitors away, but it will hurt your page rankings on search engines. Indeed, Google has been penalising sites with non-responsive designs since 2015. Making your site user-friendly with responsive design is a must.

Content Is King

If your site doesn’t have well written, relevant and regularly updated content, you’ve little chance of engaging your audience. Great content will help to define your brand. Anything that doesn’t do this, or actually detracts from your brand, needs to be eliminated. Avoid hackneyed and cliched language at all costs.

You should also follow clear brand guidelines in your content. Font styles and colours should be consistent on every page. A random approach to content never looks professional and only serves to confuse your visitors. Your content should also be designed with your audience in mind. If you haven’t researched their habits and behaviours, make this a priority.

Understanding this will allow you to customise your content for them – you’ll engage them, please them and get them returning to your site again and again. The longer users are on your site, the more likely they are to buy.

Visuals – Photos, Animation & Illustrations

Not only does your site need to use the right words, but it’s important you use the right visuals in your content. People respond better to visual information than text. It is the way we’re wired – according to recent research, 90% of the information received by the brain is visual, and your brain processes visuals 60,000 times more quickly than plain text.

If you can use original photography on your site, do so. If you can’t there are many great sites with free of charge stock photos with no copyright issues. Custom illustrations are another smart device to engage and hold interest – if you’re handy with a pencil or know someone who is, give it a go!

Animations are an important part of modern websites too – galleries and slideshows in particular. They help to make your site more interactive and make the user experience more fluid and enjoyable.

Don’t overload your site with visuals though – too many can be distracting and an excess of large files will slow your site speed down. “White space” is an important design element in its own right – don’t be scared to embrace it.


Getting the best website design for your business isn’t easy. There are many boxes you need to tick in the first place and rapidly evolving and changing technology can make your site obsolete very quickly. If like most business owners, you’re time-poor and lack expertise, then a great way to improve your website design is simply to get someone else to handle it.

By using an offshore web development company, you’ll access expert and experienced designers with the full range of tools and resources your website needs.

You’ll save countless man-hours which will allow you to focus on serving the customers your great new website delivers and grow your business. You’ll save money too – no need to hire an in-house team or spend on getting the training required.