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Hypnosis For Weight Loss

Losing weight isn’t easy right? We calorie count, we exercise, choose healthy foods and then sometimes we just give up and get takeaway. Even if you can push through the initially difficult period and get into shape, keeping it off is an ongoing task.

So what if there was an easier way?

Recently a lot of people have been trying out hypnosis for weight loss. If you’re sitting there thinking, how on earth does hypnotherapy work for weight loss? You’re not the only one.

Obviously it’s not a magic bullet solution. You can’t have someone dangle a golden watch in front of your eyes, whisper a few magic words and then you’re on the cover of fitness magazines right? Right.

So how does it actually work?

Hypnotherapy works by looking at the deep subconscious and emotional pathways we have in relation to certain activities, people or thoughts. So for weight loss, that can be the thoughts you have in relation to food, eating healthy and doing exercise.

A properly create and professional hypnotherapy session will walk you through a typical scenario that you’re having difficulties with. First you will be lead through some relaxation techniques, these bring your brain into a very relaxed, but hyper aware state. This is the state most people are thinking about when they about hypnosis. You’re in a very suggestable and relaxed mood, the hypnotherapy scenario then begins to play out.

You’ll be guided by the hypnotherapist who will start to reprogram your mental reactions to exercise. Instead of looking at the gym like a chore and wanting to do anything to avoid it, you’ll begin to feel excitement and energy instead. Rather than looking at the healthy food in your fridge and considering takeout, you’ll start to feel satisfied and relaxed.

The mental scenario will finish by reinforcing these positive thoughts and feelings, usually tied into some sort of physical movement, liking clenching your fist or repeating a word in your mind. This becomes a mental anchor, whenever you need to revisit that mental state, you can clench your first and repeat the word. Then all the positive feelings you’ve manufactured in the hypnotherapy session will come flooding back.

You can use this as a willpower boost to help get yourself to where you need to be. Whenever you’re not feeling great or lacking a bit of the old will power, you can trigger those positive and encouraging thoughts. Over time, this feeling becomes more and more natural, until eventually it becomes your new norm. By the end of the process, your thoughts and feelings towards exercise & weight loss have been completely transformed, allowing you to lose and keep the weight off.

If you’re now wondering how long it will take for you to retrain your subconscious mind, you’re not alone. Depending on the severity of your condition or how well ingrained your bad habits are, it can change how long it will take to improve. Most people however report feeling small improvements right away, after their firs hypnosis session. To make a real difference in something like weight loss and eating healthy food, it will take more like 2-4 weeks of consistent sessions.

The cost of this can rack up, especially if you end up going to a hypnotherapist and having a personalised session each time. However, there are cheaper ways to do it. There are many professional, registered and highly regarded hypnotherapists that provide quality downloads for most typical purposes.

Hypnosis Downloads For Your Phone:

Instead of finding a hypnotherapist in your area (for some this is quite difficult), you can simply download an mp3 and listen before you go to sleep. It’s a really relaxing way to drift off and even though you’re not consciously alert, your subconscious mind will be taking account of everything in the hypnosis session. If you’d like to download hypnotherapy mp3s, click here.

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