I discovered my boyfriend of six years has a disturbing fetish and can’t get over it. I’m heartbroken and wish he’d just cheated on me instead

A young woman was ‘horrified’ to discover her boyfriend has a secret fetish for dressing like a baby – and she has no idea how to proceed with the relationship.

‘What would you do if you found out your partner of six years wears nappies and baby clothes?’ the woman, from Australia, asked on Facebook.

‘I’ve suspected [it for years] but never had actual proof [until now].

‘I found things like dummies or bottles and asked about them. I originally thought he was cheating on me with someone who had a child. I think I’d prefer that.’

While hundreds were immediately revolted, one provided an explanation for the man’s ‘strange’ behaviour, and said it might not be as ‘gross’ as it seemed.

A woman was recently confronted when she caught her boyfriend dressed like a baby

‘They’re known as “littles”. Some are sex-related but others use it as a trauma-based safe space,’ she revealed. 

‘They revert to a childlike state by dressing and acting like a child (having toys and using crayons to colour) – and usually even having a full room dedicated to it. I don’t have an issue with that but I still wouldn’t date someone who does it.

‘It’s the caregiver aspect that freaks me out. The trauma-based versions will have a caregiver who acts as a parental role to help the ‘little’ feel protected. But, majority of the time it’s the romantic partner.’

Many were confused about the logistics and slammed the man’s behaviour.

‘Baby clothes? How does that work? I’m confused – where would he get baby clothes that would fit him? It’s disgusting,’ one said.

‘I would run,’ another wrote. ‘I hate age play and think it’s a disgusting kink as it sexualises children.’

‘Age play’ is when consenting adults engage in intimate activities where one or more people dress and/or act like they are a different age – typically teenagers or younger.

‘It’s wrong. I don’t care if that’s me kink shaming but it’s gross and whoever condones it is a pervert,’ a woman stated.

One shared, ‘I was on Tinder and saw a man wearing an adult diaper.’

‘To each their own, but that would be a hard pass for me,’ another wrote, while a woman added: ‘The first thing I’d do is run for the hills. I’d tell them to seek therapy in the nicest way possible.’

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