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I see BED people! Mother films one-year-old daughter ‘playing with ghost’ in her cot

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I see BED people! Mother films one-year-old daughter ‘playing with the ghost of her late next-door neighbour’ while in her cot

  • Georgia Hooson was heartbroken when neighbour suddenly died six years ago 
  • She believes that her one-year-old is able to speak to the family friend’s ghost 
  • Came after she saw her young daughter speaking into thin air with back turned
  • Claims she later filmed a white orb flying toward camera from her child’s cot 

A mother believes she filmed her one-year-old daughter playing with the ghost of her late next-door neighbour while in her cot.

Grief-stricken Georgia Hooson says she saw Iris May babbling to thin air, despite having her back turned to her mum. 

But when she started filming it, she claims to have spotted a a speck of white light flying from the same empty spot into which child was gazing. 

The 20-year-old had been heartbroken when her next-door neighbour and friend of the family died suddenly six years ago – and believes Iris May was talking to his ghost. 

A second video filmed an hour later shows the little girl looking around into thin air again, before falling down in her crib as a second ‘orb’ appears to fly towards the camera from the same spot. 

After being told to show Iris May an image of her neighbour, Georgia claims the little girl got excited and clapped at the photograph. 

Georgia, from Wrexham, Wales, said: ‘When I saw the orb, I immediately thought it was a spirit. She was doing this weird motion with her head. She kept shaking her head, so I was videoing it.

‘When she was shaking her head that’s when she was talking as well. I caught the orb, and I was gobsmacked. I didn’t know what to think. My daughter was in the cot and she was facing the same direction she was before. I decided to record her again in case I caught anything. 

‘It took a while, but she fell and you just see this orb circling and coming out. It is just crazy. I only recorded her to see if it would happen again and it did. That was about an hour later.

Pictured, Iris May in her cot

Georgia (left, with her daughter) believes her child can speak to the ghost of her family friend 

‘Six years ago my brother’s close mate who used to live next door to us died. I immediately thought it was him coming to say hello to my daughter. I got told by a psychic to show my daughter a picture of what the lad looked like to show it to my little girl. 

‘She got really excited and started clapping her hands and everything. She doesn’t normally do that with strangers. She’ll just scream. But she was really excited to see the pictures. It doesn’t worry me in the slightest. I just think he’s come to say hello, probably.’ 

She claims others who have seen the video have claimed to feel the presence of a man in the room who was ‘happy to see her’. 

But others were more sceptical and claimed the ‘orb’ was just a particle of dust caught on camera. 

Georgia, who is a stay at home mum, said: ‘I posted it online to see what people thought about it. I had people asking and describing people. ‘I had someone message saying there’s a man in the room and he’s happy to see me and hear my voice. Others said it was just a dust particle. It was just different opinions on it. 

‘There are moments where I wish he could have met her. I do believe in the spirit world. I believe all the people who I’ve loved and lost I have met in spirit form. ‘I do think about it a lot, but I know she was communicating with whatever it was. I know that she can see him. That feels good.’


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