Ibiza tornado: Several people hurt on Spanish island

Several people are hurt as a TORNADO tears through holiday island of Ibiza as hundreds of British families spend half-term there

  • Those injured were builders who had been inside a mobile-work cabin
  • The cabin had been lifted off the ground by the tornado with them inside
  • Footage from Calo Gracio area shows the destruction caused by the tornado  

Several people have been hurt on the holiday island of Ibiza after a tornado tore through the municipality of Sant Antoni.

Roads on the island have been closed off due to fallen trees and the aggressive tornado.

Three people are believed to have been inside a builder’s mobile work-cabin when it was lifted off the ground with them inside. 

The construction workers were thought to have been seeking shelter in the cabin from the poor weather conditions.  

Tornado in Ibiza

Videos posted by those on the island show the destruction left by the tornado (left) as well as the poor weather conditions which surrounded it 

The men suffered injuries and were taken to the local hospital, the Policlinica Nuestra Señora del Rosario, for treatment.

Video footage showed lightening flashing across the island and the Spanish police has now urged drivers to be cautious on the roads. 

Holidaymakers near the Cala Gracio resort posted footage of the aftermath of the tornado.  

It showed trees that had been blown over and deck chairs being stacked together after it had launched them across the pool side. 

Pictures show the mess left behind following the poor weather conditions which have swept the area

Pictures show the mess left behind following the poor weather conditions which have swept the area 

Sun loungers in Ibiza

Holiday makers in Ibiza

Sun loungers pictured left, were seen strewn across the pool side, while holidaymakers (right) observed the aftermath 

The tornado could be down to the recent cold spell of weather felt in the area over the last few days, and EuroWeeklyNews reported that the motorway to the airport was cut off by flooding.

This is the third day of adverse weather caused by the Depression in High Levels (DANA) that surrounds the Balearic Islands. 

Spanish emergency services, Emergències 112 Illes Balears said there had been 69 incident reported related to the storm which included fallen trees and flooded roads. 

It is thought around 200 trees have been ripped from the ground in the area, many landing metres from their original spot. 

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