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Identifying Which Levels of Vape Juice Nicotine is Good for You

Nicotine is the primary culprit behind smoking addiction. In an attempt to quit smoking, smokers resort to vaping. It is a challenge to quit smoking cigarettes and those who have tried usually don’t succeed in their first attempt. When they try to stop immediately, they experience withdrawal symptoms.

Vaping nicotine e-juices with nic salt mods are in-demand for smokers who are trying to quit this habit. Although they are drawn to nicotine, e-cigarettes prevent them from going back to smoking harmful cigarettes.

Many smokers think that nicotine is the only chemical contained in cigarettes that is harmful to the body. However, the truth is, cigarettes have many chemicals that have dangerous side effects.

Nicotine is extracted from the tobacco leaves. Although this compound can be synthesized, the process is expensive. Nicotine also comes in smaller quantities in foods like tomatoes, potatoes, and aubergine, but tobacco plant remains its most significant source. It is a stimulant that causes smokers to feel calm, alert, and elevates their mood.

What Amount of Nicotine Should You Take?

There are varieties of e-juices you can enjoy with your nic salt mods or just any other vaping device. Commonly, nicotine levels range from zero to more 50mg. If you are new to vaping, you may find it especially confusing to decide which level to try. Before you go ahead to buy nicotine salt e-juices, you have to consider your smoking habit.

If you usually smoke up to 10 cigarettes every day, you can be categorized into the low range nicotine vapers. If you take up to a pack of cigarettes, you will fall in the middle. If you take more than a pack of cigarettes, then you count in the stronger nicotine level.

Examining the concentration levels

When switching from cigarettes to vaping, choose the concentration level that you are familiar with when smoking cigarettes. If you start with low strength nicotine, you will eventually work your way up to the strongest concentration.

There is a chance that if you start at the high concentration, you may be able to work your way down to a lower level and vice versa. Vaping high concentrated nicotine will reduce the amount of time you spend vaping while lower concentrations take longer.

Highly concentrated nicotine is usually not as smooth as low concentrations. The former usually tastes harsher on the throat. Most vapers prefer to start with lower concentrations because it is smoother and feels more comfortable until they can gradually work up the concentration levels.

The second factor to consider is the features of the device to use. If the aim is to quit smoking, new vapers are advised to use low wattage devices for vaping nicotine. This is because this type of device gives a replica of drawing a cigarette without thick clouds of smoke. If you are vaping nicotine salt e-juices, go with low wattage devices because they usually come in higher concentrations between 30mg to 50mg.