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Illustration Trends You Need To Know In 2021

Web design is a ton of possibilities right now, but like all developments, they need to be used wisely. What has changed in 2020 and what will we take with us in 2021 as best illustrations? The most popular illustration trends are here.


This is one of the best illustration trends that is gaining momentum both among developers and among users. People are tired of the clutter and unnecessary information. Therefore, sometimes it is more pleasant to look at one picture of the main page and listen to the singing of whales, as the creators of the safe-whales website use, than to puzzle over the received stream of numbers and letters. By the way, this site uses not only minimalism but also actual animation and soft shadows, which is another trend of 2021.

But minimalism, as a way to design your site, is not just one picture on the home page. Here, the designer’s task is to show in all its glory the product, information, or service that you offer through a few simple, understandable forms, and not focus on decorative elements.

The aforementioned whale rescue site does not hit straight on the head “send your money to us and we will save the whales.” From the main page, he introduces the reader to those species of whales that need species conservation and support. No clutter with unnecessary information – only whales.

Simplicity in everything

Clear and clear lines, no unnecessary details, complex fonts and a variety of motley illustrations, a complex grid of information and media placement. Simplicity can also be found in the internal content of the site: from photographs in the style of minimalism to videos and text design. This a great example of trending illustration styles why minimalism in their case is the perfect solution. Here, this style comes from the product that is being sold. Designers create minimalistic clothes for current trends in illustration, and when placing them on the site, it would be a mistake to surround it with heaps and decorative elements of the site. Modern app interface design would simply “eat” the product being sold.

Pure colors

The second important feature of minimalism. It is worth noting here that before, designers adhered to a black and white palette, a maximum of pastel, bright flashy colors were not used. But the new year dictates new rules to us. The most important thing about using color is that it should provide a good contrast between images and the background. The white background is still relevant. It can be diluted with bright semantic accents, for example, in those places where the eye should fall in the first place.

Images without background

With the help of images, the designer creates an emotional connection with the client, so it is important not to overdo it here. You won’t have a second try.

Rules for the image in minimalism:

  • – it should not pollute the layout: a simple photo/graphics without small details, elements;
  • – the color scheme can be any, the main thing is that it contrasts with the background and presents your product advantageously;
  • – images must be of the same style;
  • – more often use images without a background to emphasize the product even more.


The basic rule here is less is better than more. The designer for these digital illustration trends removes unnecessary elements and leaves only the main thing. Correct spacing allows you to draw attention to the right things on the site. A person does not have to digest information for too long, look for what he needs. As if a hanging photo/graphics/text in space helps the future client not to get lost in the flow of information, a tete-a-teta atmosphere is created.

Dark theme

Have you noticed that not only social networks have started to offer to go to the “dark side”? Sites will also help to save the charge of your mobile device battery. And this is not just a new trend, such giants as Apple, Mercedez-Benz, Instagram, Telegram, WhatsApp, VKontakte, ASOS have long been pleasing the eye, literally and figuratively, their consumers.