I’m 70 but strangers think I’m 50 and three key beauty tricks keep me looking young – including a product that’s less than £10

A 70-year-old woman has revealed the three key things that help her look younger, including a beauty product that costs less than £10.

US-based lifestyle influencer Brittany Allyn, 36, took to TikTok to introduce her youthful aunt to her fans, as well as share her top three ‘anti-ageing secrets’.

While the pair were out at lunch, her realtive delighted viewers by disclosing her ‘simple’ routine which included not stretching her skin, avoiding make-up wipes and applying retinol lotion to her skin twice a day.

She said ‘living a little’ and indulging in her favourite foods from time kept her looking youthful, so youthful that strangers thought she looked 50.

‘Number one, first I never stretch my skin’ she began.

A 70-year-old woman (pictured) has revealed three hacks for looking younger, which includes a beauty product that costs less than £10 

‘Think of old leather shoes how they’ll stretch. Your skin will too – it’s leather. Always dab it with a towel. Don’t ever use make-up wipes to wipe off your make-up’. 

She takes her fingers to her under eye area in a wiping motion to portray how not to wipe off your make-up. 

‘Number two, I only wash my face at night and I use my fingertips very gently and splash the water on and then dab it with a towel’ she continues.

The next step requires retinol lotion, a vitamin A-based beauty product used to treat acne and anti-aging effects, which costs as little as £7 at some British supermarkets.

She added: ‘Then I put on retinol lotion. I dab it on my eyes, I do my forehead, and my cheeks, my neck and my chest – and then you know what I’ll do it a second time’.

‘And if I think I need to do it a third time on my mouth and eyes, I do’.

Brittany’s aunt moves on to diet and exercise, advising the audience to stay ‘height-weight proportionate’ and ‘eat healthy’.

She also perks up at the mention of enjoying your favourite foods, to which she says ‘go for it’ because ‘life is to enjoy’.

US-based lifestyle influencer Brittany Allyn (pictured), 36, took to TikTok to introduce her aunt to her fans, as well as share her top three 'anti-ageing secrets

US-based lifestyle influencer Brittany Allyn (pictured), 36, took to TikTok to introduce her aunt to her fans, as well as share her top three ‘anti-ageing secrets

Signing off with the words ‘good luck’, her reveal has been well received by viewers, so far garnering 659 comments and nearly half a million views.

While many guessed the unnamed woman’s age to be 50, others were taken aback by her charming looks, branding it ‘phenomenal’.

Someone else said: ‘I’m sorry did you say 70?!!! Amazing’

‘I am changing my entire life now bye she is beautiful’ said another.

Adding to her tips, one person wrote: ‘”Don’t stretch skin” is soooo important!! Also don’t touch under eye area because it’s so thin!’

Considering how youthful her niece looked, many put it down to ‘genetics’.

Unconvinced, another person wrote: ‘Don’t forget the Botox’.  

Last year, Brittany – a tech marketer-turned-content creator – hit headlines after deciding to freeze her eggs and document the journey on TikTok.

Egg freezing, also known as oocyte cryopreservation, involves harvesting a woman’s eggs and freezing them so she can attempt pregnancy at a later date through in vitro fertilization (IVF).

Brittany, who headed to London for the procedure, told Buzzfeed it was a ‘form of insurance for having a baby down the road’.

She added: ‘I think it’s such a special opportunity our generation has that allows us to take back some control in our fertility.

‘I think I’ll be able to have a kid naturally by 40, but might need help in my early 40s if I decide to have a second’. 

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