I’m A Celebrity SPOILER: Jill Scott, Owen Warner and Mike Tindall take on trial

I’m A Celebrity SPOILER: Jill Scott, Owen Warner and Mike Tindall are dunked under water and strapped to rotating wheels after volunteering for the circus-themed Scareground trial

Jill Scott, Owen Warner and Mike Tindall are the lucky campmates taking on the latest Bushtucker Trial during Thursday’s episode of the show.

The three campmates, who all volunteered for the Scareground trial, have an audience for the challenge as the other stars watch.

A teaser clip for the moment reveals Owen being strapped to a rotating wheel as he is dunked under water at intervals to try and grab plastic balls.

The balls are thrown by former rugby pro Mike, who is also attached to a rotating wheel covered in critters.

Mike launches the balls towards Owen who has to grab them while submerged under water in a difficult feat.

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