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Immigrant kids, ages 12 and 14, left home for EIGHT days after parents were detained in ICE raids

Two kids, ages 12 and 14, were left home alone for EIGHT days after their immigrant parents were detained in ICE raids of Mississippi poultry plants

  • The mother, ‘Ana,” and father were among 680 arrested during the raids
  • An ICE spokesman insists immigrants detained were asked if they had kids
  • The mother’s brother says she did tell authorities she had children at home
  • It wasn’t until eight days later that the mother was released to her family

Two teenage kids were left at home alone for eight days after their immigrant parents were arrested in the biggest single-state workplace immigration raid in US history.  

The mother of the children, aged 12 and 14, had alerted ICE officials about the kids being home when she and her husband were detained in the unprecedented raids of seven poultry plants in Mississippi on August 7, reports ABC.

After eight days, ICE agents finally asked the kids’ ages and their mother Ana was released, her brother, Pedro, told ABC. The family asked that their full names not be used because they remained unnerved by the experience. 

The employers of the plants had been suspected of knowingly hiring undocumented workers, which is a federal crime. As a result, ICE agents swooped down on the plants located in seven rural towns and arrested 680 people.  

ICE agents (above) arrested 680 people in the biggest, single-state workplace immigration raid in US history on Aug 7. Two kids were left home alone for eight days when their parents were swept up in the mass arrest across rural Mississippi 

The father remains in ICE custody while the parents’ removal, or deportation, hearing remains pending. 

ICE spokesman Bryan Cox said he was familiar with a case involving parents who were detained while their kids were home for eight days. He said the mother never spoke up about the children. 

“Every person who was processed that day was asked explicitly, ‘Do you have any children at home?’” said Cox.

Agents also asked detainees if any had kids at school who were waiting to be given rides home.

Ana had arrived to work at the Koch Foods plant in Morton, Mississippi, some 30 miles east of Jackson, around 8 a.m. the day of the raid. Her husband was just coming off the graveyard shift when the mother noticed something was wrong, her brother told ABC.

The mother remains ‘scared’ after the ordeal, said Dalila Reynoso, a Texas immigration advocate who works with families.

“She’s just wants to be with her brother.’