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Imogen Anthony wears her most riskiest outfit at the ARIA Awards

Every year at the ARIA Awards she shocks with her wild outfits. 

And Imogen Anthony did not disappoint as she walked the red carpet at the annual awards show on Wednesday at The Star in Sydney. 

The 27-year-old model wore a bizarre tape ensemble by Australian designer Discount Universe. 

‘Not for Sale’: Imogen Anthony wears her most riskiest outfit yet as she covers her breasts with tape at the ARIA Awards while boyfriend Kyle Sandilands remains on his sick bed

Her appearance at the event comes after she was unwell with a virus last month. 

On Tuesday, she took to Instagram to pen a special tribute to her beau Kyle Sandilands for supporting her through the difficult time.

‘This is just an appreciation post to my beautiful partner who has looked after me while I’ve been so unwell this month,’ she began her post.

The blonde beauty wrote, ‘[he] held my hand to every doctors appointment, [has] taken me food and supplement shopping, while still also experiencing some health issues of his own, nothing major just constant change of season lurgies.’

‘I love you so much baby,’ Imogen added.

The model went on to thank her radio shock beau for telling her ‘how beautiful I am even though I feel like my face could fall off at any moment.’

Concluding her sweet post, Imogen wrote, ‘I truly mean it though, since I’ve changed everything so has Kyle. We have never been better OR stronger.’

The blonde stunner’s health woes started earlier this month when she revealed to her fans on Instagram that she was unwell with a virus following her joint Halloween party with Kyle.

She wrote, ‘I just need everyone to know that I have a virus and a temperature of almost 40 degrees Celsius.’

‘I’m getting terribly slow because I did my body in with exhaustion, I also didn’t realise that blue body paint doesn’t let your skin breathe and I almost passed out Sunday from body asphyxiation’.

Asphyxiation is when the body is being deprived of oxygen, which can result in unconsciousness or even death.

The renowned animal lover explained that her lack of sleep had also contributed to her contracting a virus.

‘Also the fact I was already a bit behind in sleep that week from organising the party and a few other family issues that had occurred.’