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Importance of Regular Eye-Tests

Often people who don’t wear prescription glasses think that there is no need for them to get their eyes tested. If you are one of them, then you should understand that regular eye tests are equally important for people who have prescription glasses and also, for those who don’t.

In the UK, at least half of all cases of sight loss are preventable. To ensure your eyes are healthy, booking a regular eye examination with a doctor is the least you could do. Once in two years, eye appointments should be scheduled even if you don’t experience any eye trouble. Still, there are approximately 14 million people in the Uk who have not had their eyes tested in the last two years.

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Why are Eye-tests important?

In the UK, every day around 250 people start to lose their eyesight. This is equal to one person every six minutes. If you don’t want to become one of them, read the following reasons why regular eye-test should be a part of your life.

  1. To Get Updated Prescription

Your vision power changes as you age. It may not be what it used to when you first started wearing prescription glasses.  When you feel that even with glasses, you are squinting while looking then it is the time for an eye exam.

Also, if you don’t experience any discomfort, eye-test should then also be done once every two years. This helps you find out minute changes in power which sometimes are not felt by people.

  1. To Find out Other Vision Problems

With eye-exams you can find out whether you are at the risk of developing eye conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration or not. These conditions can lead to sight loss. Most of the time, there are no warning signs of such issues. By the time you start noticing changes, it is already too late.

  1. Help Deal with Digital Screens

With too much exposure to blue light rays of digital screens, our eyes are exposed to a lot of eye problems. Digital eye strain, dry eyes, redness or eye-watering can happen if you continuously use digital screens throughout the day. An eye exam with an expert can help you deal with all these issues. An optometrist can recommend what all solutions can be followed for hassle-free digital screen usage.

Blue light glasses in the UK can be your one-stop solution for the problems which occur because of digital screens. By blocking blue light from the screens, the blue light lenses will curb the damage to your eyes up to some extent. And it doesn’t have to cost much, you can buy cheap glasses and get them fitted with anti-blue light lenses.

  1. Check for Other Health Problems

A comprehensive eye exam will help not only rule out vision troubles but also problems related to your other parts of the body. Early detection of diabetes, high blood pressure, some cancers and high cholesterol is also possible through an eye exam.

All these reasons are not just for adults. Even kids should have regular eye check-ups. With NHS vouchers, kids under 16 can get their eyes tested for free. Parents should look out for signs if the child is complaining of poor vision.

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